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10 Non-Google SEO Ways to Promote your Business Online in 2009

By Tad Chef / April 16, 2009

The Road to Tomorrow (and Happy 2009!). Creative Commons license by Stuck in Customs.

While Twitter has become the perhaps single most important social site for marketers this year it’s time to reevaluate the ways to promote your business online in 2009.

Are the methods we used in 2008 still valid? Do they still work? Or do we have to adapt again in 2009 to a whole new Web? Moreover: Which ways outside the Google search moloch are there?

Thus I picked the 10 Non-Google SEO Ways to Promote your Business Online in 2009. With SEO I mean the strict definition so that PPC, email marketing and affiliate marketing etc. are not included regardless of their worth.

  1. Twitter! Do I need to say more about that? Connect with your peers, fans, clients and inform about special offers etc.
  2. Blogging at a hosted blog on your domain is still the best interface for your online business, your clients love it, people loosely interested in your offering love it, Google loves it
  3. YouTube videos are quite frequently on top of Google search results and the site has millions of visitors on its own, Will it Blend? Yes you can as well.
  4. LinkedIn is the number one place to find professionals in each category, you can also determine the authority of any expert by his contributions (not necesessarily by the number of connections)
  5. Social shopping sites are the new kid on the block you can’t ignore. They boomed in late 2008 and can’t be ignored anymore.
  6. Shopping search engines, especially for ecommerce sites are still big, everybody uses them o compare products and prices. You must be there.
  7. Yahoo Answers + other Q&A sites unless you are in a business where everybody knows everthing by heart 😉
  8. Review sites like TripAdvisor, not only for the travel sector both influence consumers like no other websites and they propel your Google Local listings to the top too
  9. Local sites and local search like TrueLocal, Yell.com, Qype.co.uk allow people to find what they want in their vicinity, they are becoming more popular due to the smartphones and netbooks wave
  10. Niche communities, for all kinds of businesses, it might be forums, Ning comunities, niche social sites like Sphinn for search marketers

Viewing this list it might occur to you that it’s important to use several crucial sites that matter. In a way most of these are “search” or “hub” sites depending on what you look for. Do not focus mainly on Google.

The above sites and services make you succeed in Google as a side-effect. They work directly in the first place by guiding consumers in your direction.

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