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20 SEO New Year's Resolutions for 2010

By Tad Chef / December 30, 2009

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No matter if you like it or not when the old year fades away and the new year arrives most of us think about the past and the future.

  • Was it a successful year?
  • Where did we succeed, where did we fail?
  • Which of the mistakes do we want to overcome next year?

Most people tend to plan for the upcoming year. Plenty like to be very specific about these plans so they come up with new year’s resolutions they want to fulfill. We’re in the SEO industry are not exempt from it.

What goals do make sense for 2010? I’ve selected 20 of them you might want to use as your resolutions as well, the 20 SEO new year’s resolutions for 2010

  1. I will build less links and get more links organically instead
  2. I will care less about PageRank, traffic and rankings and focus more on conversions, profits and ROI instead.
  3. I will stop “doing SEO” and will make my websites succeed on the Web instead, whatever it takes and no matter how you call it
  4. I will try to get more organic visitors and less paid ones
  5. I will try to get more returning visitors and instead of just casual social media and search visitors
  6. I will reduce my bounce rate by 20, 30 or 40%
  7. I will invest more in branding to get more branded searches and less via fickle generic keywords
  8. I will stop using social media and start contributing in a meaningful way
  9. I will care less about short term results and implement long term strategies instead
  10. I will make my current projects succeed and my current clients happy instead of starting more projects and seeking new clients
  11. I will get less dependent on Google and diversify my income sources
  12. I will make my sites more usable for those users than reach them already to make them stay
  13. I will set up more conversion goals to get results beyond sales. Think subscriptions, mentions, social media votes
  14. I will combine my SEO, social media and CRM strategies to form a new holistic approach
  15. I will stop competing by the price and will start competing by the quality of products and services. Indians will always be cheaper anyways
  16. I will stop hiding what I do and rather proudly brag about my clients, employees and partners
  17. I will undertake steps to gain foothold in the mobile and local markets by optimizing for mobile devices and local search
  18. I will take part in some real life industry events or conferences to get more social for real
  19. I will write more tutorials and how to articles to educate my peers and readers
  20. I will use more different media formats like images, videos, micro blogging, ebooks and infographics to succeed in universal search

All these resolutions start with “I” in order for you to be able to better identify with them. It’s not solely the “I” of the author. It’s not only me. You can do it too.

You can get better in 2010 as well. Of course I have implemented some of them in the past already but still all of these resolutions make sense in 2010.

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