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25 Free Social Media Marketing & SEO Ebooks, White Papers + Other Downloads

By Tad Chef / March 26, 2009

Over the past two years I collected quite a few PDF and other downloads about social media in general, blogging, social media marketing and SEO.

While blogs offer quick tips and overviews ebooks and white papers have the necessary depth to cover more intricate topics.

Ebooks are particularly apt for the quite abstract concepts of social media marketing and SEO. That’s why I compiled this list of 25 free social media marketing and SEO ebooks, white papers plus other downloads.

These downloads stem from highly respectable sources and are free as agencies and specialists tend to promote themselves showing off their expertise for for free to gain recognition as experts. So this is a win to win situation for the sides, you the reader as well as the authors.

  1. Social Media Marketing Industry Report
  2. Conversation Agent: Marketing in 2009 (free eBook)
  3. The Social Pulpit Barack Obama’s Social Media Toolkit (PDF link)
  4. A geek’s Guide To Promoting Yourself and Your Online Business in 140 Characters or Less with Twitter
  5. The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II
  6. Blogs and Social Media
  7. How to Start a Business Blog: Free Ebook
  8. The New Rules of Business Blogs (PDF link)
  9. Benefits of Business Blogging Cheat Sheat – BlogFire Studios
  10. The New Rules of Viral Marketing (2008) (PDF link)
  11. A Social Media Guide from the Edge
  12. Social Media Marketing Kit
  13. User-Generated Content & Social Media
  14. New Media, New Influencers, and Implications for the Public Relations Profession
  15. Template for Social Media Press Release | PRactical P.R. Blog
  16. Social Media and Social Network Starting Points | chrisbrogan.com
  17. What is Social Media (PDF link)
  18. Customer Service, The Art of Listening and Engagement Through Social Media
  19. The Simple Web: A Philosophy for Getting What You Want
  20. BKV – Search Engine Optimization: SEO In The Web 2.0 Era – White Paper
  21. Link Attraction Factors: Getting Dugg and Going Viral – ReadWriteWeb
  22. Search Engine Marketing Research: iProspect Blended Search Results Study
  23. SEO and CMS: Best practices to make your CMS SEO-friendly – non~linear creations inc.
  24. Research Study Examining The Role Traffic Source Plays in Visitor Purchase Behavior (SEO vs PPC)
  25. The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet
  • To get some of these ebooks you need to give away your email address but most downloads come without any obligations whatsoever.
  • Where possible I did not link the resource itself though but instead the page describing it.
  • The list starts with social media marketing (SMM) and end with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ebooks and downloads.
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