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3 Retweet Buttons for WordPress Blog Posts Compared

By Tad Chef / December 4, 2009

In today’s weekly Twitter Friday column I want to compare the 3 most common retweet buttons for WordPress blogs. A retweet button is a button that not only retweets the particular post it was clicked one but also displays how many people tweeted that link: On click these buttons also lead to a list of those who tweeted the link.

I have compared 5 categories:

  1. data retention – how long does the service store the tweet/retweets so that you can access them
  2. customization – in as far are you allowed t change the appearance of both button and the retweets
  3. URL shortener/s – which URL shortening service/s are used or supported
  4. issues – things that seemingly don’t work
  5. extra features – features the others don’t have or you wouldn’t expect

Tweetmeme Retweet Button Backtype Retweet Button Topsy Retweet Button
TweetMeme Retweet Button BackType Tweetcount Widget Topsy plugin for WordPress
Data retention several months a few weeks unlimited (forever)
Customization 2 sizes, placement 2 sizes, placement, text, colors, custom CSS 2 sizes, placement, custom CSS
URL Shortener/r bit.ly bt.io, bit.ly, tinyurl etc. (you choose) bit.ly
Issues Does not support my blog address,  doesn’t let you push the button twice numbers sometimes seemingly random as tweets just stored a short time Counts bt.io, su.pr etc. as extra URLs, thus inaccurate sometimes
Extra Features Many platforms supported, comment tracking comment tracking Free statistics, retweets as trackbacks, groups influential users


There is one problem all the services face when they use bit.ly

Have you ever asked yourself what .ly stands for?

It’s Libya. Yes, that the dictatorship in North Africa. You trust dictatorships suing products Made in China as well? Well, think twice. The Lockerbie bombing has been committed by the Libyan secret service agent. So one day Libya might decide to block or reroute your URLs.

I’m not sure which one to choose myself yet. We use TweetMeme on SEOptimise and I test both BackTpe and Topsy on my SEO 2.0 blog currently. Thus I highlighted the most important pros IMHO.

There are several other less popular solutions. They offer less features but have other pros.

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