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30 Efficient Web Tools that Save Time and Make Money for Power Users

By Tad Chef / February 15, 2011


Web tools are useful when they don’t require a significant time investment to master them or use them. The best tools out there save time and make money at the same time. They don’t even have to deal with time and money like time management or micropayment tools do. They just have to make sure you reach your goals as fast as possible and that you finish the tasks you work on as quickly as possible.

Business tools in particular have to be time saving in order to make time for the actual business matters.

There are tools out there, such as Facebook, which require more time investment than others, and the ROI remains fuzzy. ​Today I want to focus on the kind of tools that are the exact opposite:  efficient. Check out the list of 30 efficient Web tools that save time and make money for power users below:

Social Media Tools

  • CoTweet makes Twitter actually conversational and searchable. It saves all your past conversations.
  • Sendible is similar to an email marketing tool but for social media. Send messages via numerous channels in an organised way.
  • Get Satisfaction is for gathering user feedback directly when you want it, instead of perusing the whole Web to find it.
  • SM2 is an analytics tool for social media that collects all kinds of data on the keywords you want it to track, so you don’t have to search Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums.
  • Trunk.ly collects your links from Delicious, Twitter and Facebook automatically so that don’t have to back them up or search for them. Trunk.ly does both.
  • Amplify is like Ping.fm or Friendfeed in that it combines all your networks in one place, plus you get a WordPress blog there automatically​.​
  • ShopTab is a tool for creating a shop tab in Facebook without much fuss. Some agencies charge thousands of dollars or let you pay per click; not here.​

Search and SEO Tools

  • Yahoo! Search Clues is a keyword research tool that not only shows you how often your keyword gets looked after, but also who looks for it. In a way, it combines several Google and Bing tools in one place.​
  • blekko is a spam-free search engine. Although it may take a while to get used to it, once you know how to use it and you’ve customised it to fit your needs, it’s better than Google.​
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows you to crawl the Web like a search engine​. You check your site for broken links and much more.
  • Global Market Finder is a new keyword research tool by Google, finding potential markets for you abroad. No need to do it manually anymore.
  • Reinvigorate is not only a well-designed, real-time analytics tool; it also offers heat maps for the most competitive prices out there.
  • Domainr is a very ​simple and fast domain search engine giving you a quick overview of all kinds of domains, even the most exotic ones.

Music Tools

  • SoundCloud – Your Sound, At The Heart is a one stop shop for all your audio and musical needs​. Whether you’re an artist, a journalist or a user wanting to download free music, Soundcloud is for you​.
  • stereomood allows you to play music matching your current mood. So no need to tediously add artist names or listen a one size fits all genre radio. ​
  • Hitlantis uses an advanced visualization to help you find new music from independent artists you might like quickly​.

Web Design & Development Tools

  • Optimizely – A/B testing is really obligatory if you want to make sure that your visitors really use your site to buy and not to bounce. Opimizely is an easy-to-use WYSIWIG editor to create A/B tests.​
  • Sumo Paint is like PhotoShop but it’s online and you don’t even have to regsiter. Just drop in and create your graphics.​
  • Clue is user testing in such a simple way that any text describing it would take longer than to test it.
  • Surreal CMS is probably the best way to add ​a simple-to-use CMS with advanced functionality to your custom build microsite.​

Money-Making Tools

  • Pay with a Tweet is an alternative way to pay. You pay with your social capital on Twitter, aka a tweet.​
  • Ven is a new global internet currency which should simplify transnational transaction significantly if you ask me.​
  • Flattr is a micropayment tool you use to pay those writers you actually want to support, with just the click of a button.​
  • Kapipal is a very simple crowdfunding tool does not take money and works with PayPal.​
  • The Invoice Machine creates professional-looking invoices on the fly.
  • Twippr allows you to send money using Twitter. As simple as that.
  • OnePageCRM is a modern web-based CRM tool​ that takes away the fuss from Customer Relationship​ Management. It’s free while in Beta.​

Time-Saving Tools

  • Geckoboard combines all your important business data in one place and updates it in real time.​
  • Mite is a simple yet powerful time and project management tool at a very competitive price.
  • TeuxDeux is the first online ‘to do’ list that I actually use without getting annoyed and losing time.

These web tools are for power users who gain their power by getting things done efficiently. You can waste time and money all day on the Web, but you can use tools to save time and make money as well. Try these and tell me what you think! How did you use them? I have tested most of them and use some of them regularly.

Most of the tools are both easy to use and free or affordable so that you don’t have to invest much more time and money than you get out of them.

*Image by Menage a Moi.

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