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30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks & Resources

By Tad Chef / March 12, 2009

Google Analytics is used by most of us search marketers with the exception of the paranoid and even a growing number of top 500 websites. This free web analytics suite is just too tempting not be used. It’s very advanced compared to many other, especially free web analytics tools. Google Analytics has some significant flaws and shortcomings though.

Google Analytics tools, tips & tricks
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  • Google Analytics can’t track full referers right by itself which is especially a shame in connection with StumbleUpon traffic
  • it counts one user as dozens by counting recurring visits as referring ones from the source s/he came from initially
  • it barely can see most of Twitter and short URL traffic which only gets noticed as traffic without source (type in traffic)

To name just a few.

For these and other problems there are solutions out there some well known some still quite “underground”. Also there are lots of advanced functions in GA you have to set up first before you can use them.

Most important here are goals which allow you to track conversions in the first place.

Last but not least there are quite a few Greasemonkey scripts that enhance the Google Analytics interface on the client side that is in your browser.

So check out the 30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks & Resources:


Goals & Segments



SEOptimise GA tips

Google Analytics resources lists

Of course I haven’t tried all of them myself, they’re too many. Those I haven’t tried yet are mostly from trustworthy sources. Just in case they have issues or if you know better Google Analytics tips add them in the comments. They might end up in the list.

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