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30+ More Non-Google SEO "How to" Online Marketing Resources for 2009

By Tad Chef / May 13, 2009

Roughly two weeks ago I elaborated on the 10 non-Google SEO ways to promote your business online in 2009 and presented a list of 35 non-Google SEO how tos, tutorials & other resources. They covered only half of the strategies I suggested as the non-Google SEO ways.

Today I collected links for the remaining 5 non-Google SEO strategies:

  1. Shopping search engines
  2. Yahoo Answers
  3. Review sites
  4. Local sites and local search
  5. Niche communities

So based on these categories here they are, 30+ more non-Google SEO “how to” online marketing resources for 2009:

Shopping search engines or shopping comparison sites like BizRate, Shopping.com or NexTag seemingly exist for ages, some lost steam along the way like Kelkoo did. According to Google Trends their traffic peaked around the Christmas season of 2007. Nonetheless you still can’t ignore them in ecommerce no matter what you sell. Sadly there are only few resources dealing with optimization for shopping search, some of those there are stem from several years ago. They were published as early as 2003 or 2004. They’re still valid though so I included them.

Yahoo Answers is the Google of Q&A sites. It has an overwhelming market share in English, above 90%. Thus I focused on marketing advice on Yahoo Answers. Considering its impact and traffic numbers, here too the number of resources is limited. Luckily the few there are are of very high quality.

Review sites made me struggle even more than shopping search engines. Although TripAdvisor, one of the most prolific social review sites has been around since 2000 I couldn’t find a thorough resource that covers SEO for TripAdvisor, only a short post. Also other resources are scarce. This is partly due to the fact that review sites are not considered a genre by themselves. Also shopping search engines, local sites or social shopping sites are in a way review sites too. So I only link two resources in this category. In case you have more please add them in the comments.

Local sites and local search are considered a crucial part of local SEO. Local SEO is in a way the next big thing in SEO. For years to come we can expect local SEO to become ever more important due to the proliferation of mobile devices and other hard & software leading to more locally oriented search. There are at least a dozen excellent resources for local search optimization:

Niche communities have been a quite revolution in the recent years. Digg-like Sites like Sphinn (for search marketing news) or Tip’d (for finance news) have sprung up in every niche conceivable. In case you’re serious about search marketing you can’t ignore Sphinn nowadays. Instead of wasting your time with Digg for most businesses addressing niche social news sites is the way to go. Sadly here too there are less resources than I’d wish they were. Thus I focused on the two sites I know as an active user and mentioned above plus added a few articles from one source, a problogger who is successfully targeting and describing niche social news sites.

That’s all for now. I’d like to make this list more represantitive though. So make sure to look up in your bookmarks whether you have some resources dealing especially with the 3 categories that are insufficiently covered as of now in this list. Add even more non-Google SEO “how to” online marketing resources for 2009!

Make sure they are how to articles or tutorials though!

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