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30 Must Follow SEO Twitter Users

By Tad Chef / May 29, 2009

Instead of the regular Twitter Friday column this time we’ll feed two birds with one piece of bread: This time we’re listing 30 Must Follow SEO Twitter Users.

Take note that not all of these Twitter users are SEOs or even search marketers.

Some people are more into social media (marketing), business blogging and the likes. In a way it’s a list for people interested in SEO who want to know who to follow on Twitter. It’s by far not complete. The contrary is the case. Also this list is not a Twitter SEO celebrity list.

It doesn’t make sense to follow the well known SEO industry leaders or rather it only makes sense to some extent. Twitter is no RSS reader. You join Twitter to network.

There is no social netlurking.

You want to engage in conversation or even better interaction. You aim to get people

  • to visit your blog
  • click your links
  • retweet them.

You can’t do that as a lurker. So you need to follow those who are both authorities and active themselves. So I tried to compile a list of Twitter SEO users and beyond who are the best possible mix of

  • activity
  • authority
  • social skills

You get mavens and connectors and sometimes both at once.

By now you probably know and follow Danny Sullivan (dannysullivan), Matt Cutts (mattcutts) and Reg Saddler (zaibatsu)

Now also consider following these people:

  1. Lee Odden (leeodden)
  2. Barry Schwartz (rustybrick)
  3. Gerald Weber (the_gman)
  4. Rishi Lakhani (rishil)
  5. fantomaster (fantomaster)
  6. Derek Edmond (DerekEdmond) on Twitter
  7. Ruud Hein (RuudHein)
  8. Ann Smarty (seosmarty)
  9. Lyndon Antcliff (lyndoman)
  10. David Leonhardt (amabaie)
  11. Matt McGee (mattmcgee)
  12. Adrienne Doss (seowoman)
  13. Andy Beard (AndyBeard)
  14. Alysson (SEOAly)
  15. Mark Edmondson (GuavaMarkeD)
  16. Mr Ingo Bousa (supaswag)
  17. Brent D. Payne (BrentDPayne)
  18. Cristian Vasile (cristianvasile)
  19. Wiep (wiep)
  20. JamesDuthie (JamesDuthie)
  21. Mani Karthik (ManiKarthik)
  22. Alex Juel (SEOHolicc)
  23. Saurav Verma (SauravVerma)
  24. Casie Gillette (Casieg)

These Twitter users probably would cringe at being called “SEO” so I recommend them for SEO practitioners for other reasons.

  1. Roger Byrne (styletime) on Twitter
  2. Brent Csutoras (BrentCsutoras) on Twitter
  3. Stuartcfoster (Stuartcfoster) on Twitter
  4. Avi Joseph אבי יוסף (Avinio) on Twitter
  5. kyleplacy (kyleplacy) on Twitter
  6. remarkablogger (remarkablogger) on Twitter

This is not even a official SEOptimise list. It’s mine. It’s based on more than a year Twitter experience and beyond of Tad Chef, your SEOptimise blog author.

So you’ll miss some well known names on the list. Instead you’ll notice many names you’ve never have heard of. These people often can help you much more than the uber-busy industry leaders. It’s a list of high valuable users. They’re my friends so respect them.

Also I omitted most of my friends so don’t be angry at me if you happen to be one of them! In the recent days I followed some industry figures I forgot to follow before compiling the list so in some cases I didn’t have enough time to assess whether they are truly active on Twitter.

Last but not least: I did not include the SEOptimise staff and myself to prevent bias. In case you do not follow us already you can at

For more marketers to follow make sure to check these two lists as well:

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