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25 New & Free Web Tools You Should Know - 2009 Edition

By Tad Chef / September 9, 2009

Roughly a year ago I published a list of not yet popular web tools you should know here on SEOptimise. It’s the most popular post on this blog ever since. While I considered updating the list I decided to compile a new one with a new generation of tools instead of just fixing broken links: 25 new & free Web tools you should know – 2009 edition

This is of course a biased list of Web tools (both web based tools or tools for the Web), my own one, but it is fueled by my business blogging, social media optimization and SEO practice so you’ll probably like it as well. Some of these tools are not really new but they are probably new for you as they are not widely known yet.

All of the tools below either offer free versions or are entirely free. I sorted the tools in 4 categories:

  • Twitter
  • Search, SEO & Analytics
  • Blogging & Social Media
  • Web Development & Misc. Web Tools


Record screencast instantly and send them to Twitter using this web based tool

For saving your own bookmarks from Twitter you can use Tweecious.

Save your Twitter searches and other Twitter “actions” as a PDF file

Interact with Twitter via email, just send to publish etc.

A Twitter for business tool, similar to HootSuite, kind of like a CMS for your Twitter team

TweetCount Plugin for WordPress
Creates a Tweetmeme-like Twitter button to integrate with your WordPress blog but allows much more customization

Twitter Tools by Alex King
These tools offer almost complete Twitter integration with your WordPress blog

Identify your actual reach on Twitter and who contributed the most to it, very useful to know who your real friends are

Search, SEO & Analytics

Real time Twitter search that identifies the most important users tweeting about a certain subject

Compare Google/Google Caffeine Rankings tool
Compare your current Google rankings with those of the new experimental Google caffeine search index

SpyOnWeb research tool
Find out what other web properties someone has or manages or who else is on your shared hosting. This way you can locate bad neighbourhoods for instance

Tineye is a reverse imagine search engine. You submit an image and the site shows you where it has been published. helps a lot to find out who steals your images.

Google Ad Planner
This Google tool is in a way a better Alexa. It’s like a combined Google Trends with SpyFu. You have to take a look or try to understand it.

Real time web analytics with funnel tracking

Blogging & Social Media

Post and share everything you can publish (text, images, videos) simply via email, not even a sign up required. The easiest web publishing tool ever.

Yoono exists for several years as a social browsing community allowing you to discover similar sites to those you like but the latest version is somewhat a meta-social media client allowing you to search and update all major sites. It works as a Firefox extension or a standalone app.

The unofficial real Delicious front page showing you the what’s popular right now, during the last 8h or day, week, month or all time.

Drop in image hosting. Upload an image and get a short URL for it. Ideal for sharing on Twitter and elsewhere.

Web Development & Misc. Web Tools

Last year I introduced CushyCMS the probably easiest to use CMS out there, this year we have more advanced CushyCMS like tools that offer CMS functionality on top of every website

Open source URL shortener that allows you to create short URLs like bit.ly or tinyurl.com but using your own domain. Not to mix up with urlshort.com. Brian Cray offers a similar piece of software in PHP.

A/B Bingo
Google Website Optimizer rival that offers A/B split testing that is easier to implement and track, based on Ruby on Rails

“Email and Twitter powered” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to track prospective clients via email and Twitter, sounds like the ideal social CRM app

Organize your emails automatically based on their outgoing addresses and common subjects

Lazyfeed is a combination of a Google Alerts like service with a feed reader. Add tags you are interested in to it and you will subscribe to them

Shareflow is a groupware that allows you to communicate in a team without relying on email

I didn’t manage to test all of these Web tools of course but these are the Web tools I really want to try. I know that many of them are quite reputable in-spite of being on the market just for a while. So try them and tells us about your experiences.

  • Did you like these tools?
  • Did they work as desired?
  • Are you already a paying user?


Last updated: May 12th, 2011. Several broken links removed.

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