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30 one minute ways of optimising your website for more traffic and higher sales

By Tad Chef / August 7, 2008

Business people often ignore many simple fixes for websites. Their sites don’t get found or scare away visitors who do land there. Web developers often underestimate the plethora of ways to tweak a website for more visitors and higher sales. SEO has been around for 10 years but still many sites fail to take advantage of most little fixes Google needs to assess a site and visitors need to get what they want.

This list of 30 really “quick and clean”, mostly one minute fixes will enable you to give Google plenty of these so called “signals” it needs as well as the clues your visitors need to find what they want and ideally also to buy. I assume that your site has already some keyword research done, some basic on-page SEO measures implemented and some backlinks gathered.


  • Add one more keyword to your title-tag if your site is already performing well in Google, substract one if your still a little weak in Google. Strong? Then follow this example: Before “SEO Blog”, after “SEM & SEO Blog”. Weak? The other way around.
  • Add an often searched modifier to your title, something like “cheap”, “affordable” or “London”, “Glasgow” or “shop”, “services”.
  • Remove your company name or shorten and move it to the end of the title. Wrong: John Doe Industries SEO Services Glasgow. Right: SEO Services Glasgow – J.Doe

Meta Tags

  • Repeat the keyword/keyphrase at the beginning of the meta description: If the title is “SEO Blog” then the meta description should be: SEO blog: The UK’s leading SEO blog offering global search marketing news about SEM, PPC and more.
  • Remove al other meta tags, they just clutter your code and make your “code to content ratio” look bad. Google ignores most, others are nice to have, not more.


  • Add a h2 headline which is a sentence explaining your h1 headline. Example: h1 – “SEO Services Glasgow”, h2 – “We’re the first professional search engine optimisation company in Glasgow offering SEO services since 1995”.
  • Add a h3 headline with a teaser, something that kicks ass, example: “Seoptmise – The SEO blog that will kick your ass like Beckham”. It can be a longer one. Do not repeat keywords too often.

Page Elements

  • Change your menu item “shop” or “services” to something that reflects what you offer or sell, e.g “SEO services”.
  • Change your homepage link from “home” to “SEO Blog” or whatever your site or blog is about.
  • Add your address in the footer.
  • Create a big bold link or button with a “call to action” like “buy now!”, “subscribe here!” or “join now!”.
  • Add a large phone number in bold at the top of your page
  • Delete an element on your homepage you never click on other websites
  • Change the anchor text of a “more” link to the keyword the “more” page deals with

Backlinks and PageRank

  • SMS your mother/daughter/sister or father/son/brother and ask for a link to your site.
  • Link out to your favourite site on a topic similar to yours. Recommend it explicitly.
  • Add a sentence like this “Like us? Link us! <a href=”http://white.net/blog/blog/”>SEO blog UK by SEOptimise</a>”
  • Add a “permalink” link to your pages
  • Add the nofollow attribute to your “contact page” link.
  • Add a “Bookmark to Delicious” badge or button, Delicious bookmarks often automatically appear on blogs


  • Mention what you offer exactly on your site/page, use brands and exact product names
  • Mention where you offer it “SEO Services Manchester”
  • Mention why you offer it “We offer recycling solutions because we believe that clean business is profitable business”
  • Mention to whom you offer it: “Web hosting solutions for small business”
  • Make an unordered list which reflects the 3 most relevant topics of the page you’re tweaking and put it on top adding the words “this article deals with…”
  • Explain one key term the page e.g your homepage contains: SEO (Definition: search engine optimisation, the process of making websites more search and search user friendly)
  • Add 5 tags to your page by adding following text: “Tags: tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, tag5”. In our case it would be probably: “Tags: SEO, optimisation, website, traffic, sales”
  • Replace your homepage images with smaller ones in byte size (below 50 kb) so that non-broadband users stick with you
  • Convince! Start the first or second sentence of your page with “We will make you number 1 in…” instead of solely describing “X offers…”
  • Add your name to the text: John, CEO of John Doe Industries. People trust people not companies.

This “quick and clean” fixes will help already tremendously. Many sites miss these opportunities. Do you want to spend more time than half an hour fixing your website to get more traffic and higher sales? Well check out this huge list of 5 minutes website improvements.

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