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30 SEO Resolutions for 2012

By Tad Chef / January 13, 2012


Like most people, SEO practitioners reflect on the past year and attempt to improve their skills in the new year.

If you haven’t made up your mind what exactly you want to change in the coming year, check out these suggestions for 30 SEO resolutions for 2012 that draw on modern industry best practices and growing trends.

Content Creation

  • I will create less shallow content and more quality “one of a kind” pieces of content.
  • I will create more content using multiple rich media such as images, audio, videos and the like.
  • I will write shorter, more readable postings instead of long, hard to read ones that nobody can follow.
  • I will create more content on site and waste less time on third party sites that require me to give away “User Generated Content”.
  • I will provide less average sales copy and create more outstanding content for inbound marketing purposes.


Link Building

  • I will perform fewer tedious tasks such as contacting unwitting webmaster about link exchanges and provide more appealing incentives for people to link to me voluntarily.
  • I will go after more citations and fewer links to get traction on local search and Google Places instead of just the organic index that gets less exposure.
  • I will make sure my old inbound links are still there and also fix 404 errors on my own site.
  • I will link out more, not only to get noticed and more links back, but to reach out honestly to like-minded industry professionals – after all, we don’t compete most of time.
  • I won’t sneak in “free links” anymore on unsuspecting sites that would not voluntarily link to me.


Social Media

  • I will market less and contribute more in order to become a valuable contributor to social media.
  • I will get organised while social networking and not just waste time drifting from update to update on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
  • I will follow fewer hypes and not just jump in on every social site that web celebrities want me to. I will go where the real value is.
  • I won’t just share links all the time on social sites but instead use them in a balanced way, adding networking and conversation to my daily habits.
  • I will schedule times for my social media activity instead of just dropping in and getting distracted all the time during work hours.



  • I will blog more regularly instead of just updating my social media profiles on third party sites.
  • I will guest blog on other blogs, both the already important ones and the not yet very well known.
  • I will focus my blog writing on the desired outcome – not just blog for the page views and social shares.
  • I will socialise with other bloggers both online and in real life to establish lasting relationships.
  • I won’t check web analytics daily or more often and obsess about metrics that only make sense to check in the long term or every other week.



  • I will use fewer tools and more techniques. SEO and SMO are still about how you use them, not how many tools you use.
  • I will use the tools I prefer more in-depth instead of just scratching the surface of the features.
  • I will take more time for social media analytics and monitoring and find out what real humans say about me, my contributions and why.
  • I will not trust tools with everything and make sure to cross check data and compare with other outcomes.
  • I will recommend only the tools I truly use, not the ones I’m an affiliate of.



  • I will perform more SEO tests and publish the results to the benefit of the SEO community, no matter how vague the outcomes are.
  • I will provide more advice to educate the clients and their teams and make them more self-sufficient.
  • I will share my techniques, tools and case studies, not just to show off but to get recognition from the SEO community.
  • I will rant and complain less about Google, other SEOs and bloggers and instead keep on improving my own arsenal.
  • I will build a recognisable brand instead of just relying on generic rankings on Google.


These resolutions are written in the first person to make it easier for you to identify with them and to apply them yourself. They are not necessarily my personal resolutions.

On a side note:  this is my last post on SEOptimise after more than four years. I hope you liked my posts. If you did, you can keep on reading my own blog over at SEO 2.0.

The SEOptimise team will take care of this blog completely from now on, so there won’t be any shortage of posts.


* Creative Common image by Aftab Uzzaman.

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