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30 SEO, Social Media & Marketing Case Studies that Prove the ROI of it All

By Tad Chef / May 7, 2010

We all love case studies. Who is we? We in the SEO industry, we in social media and online marketing, we business people. Case studies show on real life examples, real websites, projects and campaigns that something works.

Good case studies are more than proof though. They also show you how to market or optimize a site. They show an example of how it actually works.

Case studies combine both, the insight of a how to articles and the business proof of a finished campaign. They shows the results from experience.

These are some of the reasons why I’ve collected a comprehensive list of 30 SEO, social media & marketing case studies that prove the ROI of it All.

Yes, the ROI in SEO, social media and other kinds of online marketing is still too often fuzzy. We want success stories, numbers and explanations so that we can reenact the steps you need to succeed. So here they are, enjoy:

Link building/baiting

Other SEO


Social Media



It took me more than a year to collect those case studies so they are only those that I really think are worth your attention. Most of them are not overt advertising or blatant self promotion, they are quite neutral case studies you can rely on.

Take note that I included more than one (actually three) articles about two particularly successful marketing campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. The results were to good to not get covered in depth.

Of course we at SEOptimise have our own SEO case studies. You can download them here and here as PDF documents.

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