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33 Mobile SEO & Mobile Analytics Resources

By Tad Chef / July 9, 2009

Did you know that there is a whole mobile SEO and mobile Analytics industry on top or underneath the SEO and web analytics offerings we already got used to? I didn’t until this week. I underestimated the mobile Internet and it’s search by and large. I read about the iPhone impact on mobile Internet usage a few times and then forgot about it. Meanwhile others didn’t. It’s time to jump into mobile SEO now more than ever. You won’t be an early adopter of mobile SEO anymore but you’re not too late to the table yet.

Don’t mistake local SEO for mobile SEO. While both overlap, mobile searches are more often local in nature than not, we’re not talking about the same thing here. Local SEO is done for the conventional Web as well while mobile SEO focuses mainly on the users browsing the Web on their mobiles. It sounds logical but some people seemingly mix up the two.

Two weeks ago when I researched the local SEO and search resources list I was overwhelmed with the wide array of available resources. This time it took just a little longer to find the best mobile SEO links for you. While at it I noticed that mobile SEO and analytics are both very much a whole new sphere with a different set of rules. A whole set of new vendors, experts and sources is involved here. Just check out the 30 Mobile SEO & Mobile Analytics Resources list below: You won’t find many names you know already.

Mobile Internet and Search

Mobile SEO Blogs

Mobile SEO Best Practices and Ranking factors

Mobile Web Design

iPhone SEO

Mobile Analytics

Other Mobile SEO Resources

Mobile analytics face several major obstacles in tracking users. Thus it seems many specialized companies have sprung up to deal with that. At the same time some established vendors attempt to get a share of the market. As of now none of them seems to have become the dominant force. Mobile SEO is not really that wide spread yet. As you can see I only list 2 mobile SEO blogs. I’ve seen a few more but I wasn’t convinced.

Did I miss something?
I bet I did! As always you are welcome to add more valuable mobile SEO resources to the list! They can be your own as well. Just try not to ad your sales pages. SEOptimise is a SEO company too so we don’t directly advertise for others!

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