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33 Quora Q&A Resources: get actual ROI out of using it

By Tad Chef / February 17, 2011


The hype of 2011 is Quora, the new Q&A site that attempts to become much better than Yahoo Answers by aiming at high quality replies.​ Everybody and his mum is on Quora it seems, especially SEO industry leaders like Rand Fishkin or Danny Sullivan. ​I’m not very active at Quora yet but I watch it closely. While at it, I collected so many resources and opinions that I wanted to share them with you.​ As usual in such cases, I have compiled one of my 30+ lists that you all love so dearly. So here it is: 33 Quora Q&A Resources to get actual ROI out using of it.

Before I throw the links at you, I’d like to summarize the most obvious current uses of Quora. You can:​​

  1. Ask questions you’d usually have to pay consultant for
  2. Answer questions to show off your expertise​
  3. Use your real name to get high in search results​ (ORM!)​
  4. Not use other languages than English,​ as they’ll be deleted
  5. Vote up answers by others to forge relationships
  6. Sync your Quora account with Twitter to autofollow all your Twitter friends
  7. Follow questions of interest to gain additional insights
  8. Blog directly from Quora’s interface by ​adding your blog to it
  9. Share questions on Facebook, Twitter, and of course via email
  10. Find experts on every conceivable web related craft or occupation

This post is not an affirmation of Quora as “the next big thing”. That’s why ​I added both pros and cons to the list. Every responsible business person has to consider ​the cons before spending a significant amount of time on Quora, as it’s a site that needs constant attention.

Why use Quora? (pros)

Why not use Quora? (cons)

How to use Quora

How to use Quora for SEO purposes

Quora Tech Resources

Miscellaneous Quora Resources

At the end of the day, Quora might indeed be much more useful than Facebook, Twitter or even Wikipedia because it’s not private in nature like Facebook, ephemeral like Twitter or anonymous like Wikipedia. On the other hand, the time spent on Quora can spiral out of control very quickly and thus harm your business. Also, Quora exploits your expertise to create content for them that you’d otherwise could capitalize on your own site.

Facebook and Twitter are mostly gateways, while Quora is a final destination.

So the actual ROI of using Quora must be considered before investing time and other resources into it. Will you get more out of it than you invest in? That’s not clear yet, as it’s the initial goldrush right now. Those who are fast enough may get the best claims to earn money later.

* Image by Milos Milosevic.

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