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35 Crucial SEO, Twitter & Social Media Statistics for Business People

By Tad Chef / March 17, 2010

Numbers and statistics are never true by themselves, it always depends on how you interpret them. On the other hand, without numbers you have no idea what’s going on. Thus we have to study statistics and all other data we can get to stay in business.

Here I’ve collected 35 crucial SEO, Twitter & social media statistics for business people to get an overview of what’s going on actually.

One statistic by itself often lies. Several statistics compared allow you to get a more accurate point of view. Almost all of these statistics have been published in the recent months so they use very current data sets.

SEO statistics

social media statistics

Twitter statistics

Miscellaneous statistics

Why are SEO, Twitter and other social meida lumped together? Well, in 2010 you don’t divide anymore into strictly seperated enities SEO and social media, it’s all

  • search & social
  • findability
  • digital asset optimization
  • SEO 2.0

while Twitter is the foremost mover and shaker right now in spite of its huge brother Facebook. Facebook is rather for contacting real people you already know or could meet in real life.

Twitter influences the virtual and business landscapes more than any other site right now.

Why are these statistics crucial? Nowadays no business can afford to get no or bad publicity online. You need to know what works and how to be able to talk the talk. Otherwise people will talk about you and they won’t say pleasant things only. These statistics allow you to asses where your target audiences are and how they use social media and search.

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