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39 SMX London 2010 Recap Tweets from Day One

By Kelvin Newman / May 17, 2010

You may have noticed I’ve been busy Twittering away covering the SMX London conference today.

Rand Fishkin‘s SEO takeaway was “it’s ridiculous that we Tweet so much and no one is capturing that data for SEO purposes“. So I thought I’d put mine to good use!

Here’s a recap of the top tips/tweets I picked up during the event so far – always difficult to remember who said what, but in an attempt to credit the best ones Rob Kerry, Mikkel deMib, Richard Fergie, Sam Crocker and Rand Fishkin all feature heavily:

  1. WolframAlpha can tell you if you’re drunk or fat! “am I drunk/fat”
  2. Google searches for an answer, WolframAlpha tries to provide that answer
  3. Wolfram Alpha already used in Bing -example “calories in chicken”
  4. WolframAlpha is live math – example query “GDP japan/china”
  5. Users can submit their own data via spreadsheet uploads to be used in Wolfram Alpha
  6. Links higher on page pass more value
  7. Does Twitter data influence Google? QDF? Yes. Organic? Data deal means it probably will
  8. Putting target keywords at front of title tag has maximum SEO benefit – data correlation shows this
  9. Correlation of H1 as SEO factor shows this now only has minor value
  10. SEO tip – keywords in alt tag is a stronger factor than H1
  11. Yes, use target kw’s on page – keyword density makes no difference
  12. Consider parking old domain & using cross-domain canonical tag instead of 301 redirect – try to re-point links first, if possible
  13. Use brand terms in link building to internal pages. Google sees this as more natural
  14. Malware warning will clearly impact Google CTR & user trust
  15. Secure your site from hackers; check forms, dynamic URLs & cookies
  16. 8 cleanup tips; check code to content ratio, remove .net viewstate, JS & remove spaces from code, remove unnecesary meta tags, use CSS in external files, remove empty divs & comment code
  17. Using Microsoft .net? get rid of view_state – it’s hurting your site
  18. Ask Jeeves universal search tip – submit videos to all major video sharing sites
  19. How are Ask different to other searches engines? Q&A to provide answers to users questions
  20. Master google products for universal search – very few remember to search G product search directly
  21. Real-time search – products pushed via Twitter successfully. Example: delldeals.com case study
  22. Blended search catches eye (such as video) & increases CTR
  23. Use video sitemaps to help Google index videos in universal search
  24. Google News can be used by any site – can rank easier & gain high CTRs
  25. Recommended WordPress URL format for Google news approval: /post-name/001-postID/
  26. Google images tip: link to page to benefit rankings – alt tag & text around page important factors
  27. No of video views & channel reputation likely to be a universal search factor
  28. Sites like Subvertandprofit.com are getting users footprinted & banned because of paid votes
  29. PPC tips; don’t be a thin affiliate, be cautious on spammy tactics & bidding in niche can be difficult
  30. PPC tip – if you have a low quality score, try same keyword again with different case!
  31. ad quality considerations: is ad popularity right for you?, can you afford a high CTR? Are you maximising ROI with high CTR?
  32. Make sure low quality score keywords are performing if you keep them – because they hurt whole account
  33. Use an editorial calendar for content so that you can do keyword research in advance
  34. Link building tip: Getting links from authorities by offering a student discount
  35. Google Insights extremely valuable for local keyword research
  36. Real-time KW research – use Twitter trending topics to target keywords while people are hunting for it
  37. KW Research tip: use analytics & paid search to find converting KW’s
  38. mozenda.com used to scrape Google Suggest for keyword research
  39. Analyse competitor URL’s for KW’s using Xenu or MS IIS, Mech Turk to save time & Your Noodle

The main session which I didn’t get to see was the link building panel, featuring some great tips from the likes of Andrew Girdwood, Kelvin Newman and Dixon Jones.

Hopefully you’ll find these useful if you couldn’t make it to the event or sessions. There was a lot of information to take in today – which may explain why my most retweeted post was to say “need a beer” at the end of the day! 😀

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