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55 Local SEO & Search Resources for Business

By Tad Chef / June 30, 2009

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Update July, 3rd 2009: Added 12 local SEO & search resources suggested by readers in the comment section and on Sphinn + some newly researched links.

The most obvious trend when it comes to SEO is “going local”. Ever since Google introduced Google Maps and Local Business Center and later added local search results to Universal Search displaying them on top of everything else businesses everywhere strive to be there. Additionally the proliferation of smartphones and netbooks accelerates this development even more.

You have to perform in local search and on sites that enable users to find local businesses in their respective area. Classic SEO is just not enough anymore for small business owners and location based big business.

There is already a plethora of very helpful resources that deal with local SEO. While to some extent local SEO resembles traditional SEO with on site measures and link building the substantial differences have even led to a specialization in the industry.

By now we have SEO specialists and publications predominantly dealing with local search issues and local SEO.

Thus I complied a list of the most useful resources, mostly from blogs: 55 local SEO & search resources for business.

Why do I add the seemingly obvious “for business” part in the headline? In most cases you won’t optimize your private homepage to be found in a specific area. Local search is a mostly business only domain.

Local SEO & Search Blogs

Local SEO Overviews for Starters and Lists

Local Search Ranking Factors

Local SEO Techniques

Local SEO Internationally

Local SEO Case Studies

Local Analytics

Other Local Search and SEO Resources

Initially I planned to compile a list of both local and mobile SEO resources due to their obvious correlation. After some research the sheer amount of must read resources for local SEO & search outgrew the combined list quickly. Thus I will publish a new list in 2 weeks from now: 30 Mobile SEO Resources.

As always this list doesn’t claim to be complete.
So you’re welcome to add your links or resources you are missing in the comment section. You can also add mobile SEO articles for the next list post to be included.

Last updated: May 18th, 2011.

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