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46 CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization Resources for Web Design, SEO & Social Media Experts

By Tad Chef / May 20, 2010

This list is not meant for the average small business owner. These 46 CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization resources require web design, SEO and social media experts to implement, use or even understand them.

How do you find out whether your web designer, SEO or social media consultant or company has enough expertise to deal with them?

  • In case your web designer thinks web design is about fancy graphics, flashy animations and cool homepages s/he isn’t an expert.
  • In case your SEO consultant speaks about meta tags, PageRank and keyword density all the time s/he isn’t an expert.
  • In case your social media expert advises you to gain more Twitter followers using an autopilot tool, to submit your site to hundreds of social media sites or has no flagship blog s/he isn’t an expert either.

These people won’t be able to make proper use of these resources.

In contrast highly skilled specialists of all the three industries, web design, SEO and social media speak about conversions and ROI all the time.

Some talk too much, like I tend to sometimes and don’t practice what they preach but this time the list is directly related to my quest for improving conversions of this blog here.

So let me share what I have found out in the recent 10 months.

For starters: Read our two CRO resources we provided earlier:
12 Indispensable Readability Measures to Increase Conversions
30 Simple Ways of Improving Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate

I sorted the resources according to their main focus:

CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization


Social Media

Web Design




Of course several of these conversion optimization resources fit in more than one category. Also take note that the term CRO is still quite new and some people drop the “rate” and say conversion [rate] optimization instead. They refer to the same discipline though.

Do you know other CRO resources you can’t find on this list? Add them in the comment section. They can be your won as well. As always the best ones may end up in the post or in my next post. A5XD3SV6KA6X

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