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50+ Must Read Web Design for ROI, Usability and SEO Articles

By Tad Chef / October 30, 2008

Web Design for ROI is a book that had huge impact not only on myself. It has changed the way the SEO industry approaches web design and finally made people embrace usability to it’s full effect. Sadly the web developer community wasn’t impacted to the same extent yet. Many web designers and developers, especially of the “failed artist” kind seem to assume that web design is more about flashy animations, fancy graphics and beautiful decoration than real business value or ROI/Return On Investment.

“One of the most striking and true tidbits of web design for ROI is the notion that not the homepage of a website is the most important part of it but the forms. Yes, forms, the most hated and neglected part of web design are the crucial part of the website which determines your business success. It depends on the form whether your potential customers will subscribe, apply, buy, check out, contact you etc.”

This collection of 50 must read web design for ROI, usability and SEO articles also embraces the philosophy behind designing websites for the ROI of it not the looks. It  contains a few all time  favorites from the eraly days of the web which still are true as well as mostly current cutting edge articles and resources.

As stated above the list starts with the most significant part of Web Design for ROI, form design.



Universal Search and Multimedia



Website optimization



Misc. web design

This list is not meant to be all encompassing but it is meant to collect indispensable know how in what I tend to call ROI web design. I’m quite sure I forgot some must read resources so feel to add them in the comment section.

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