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A Collection of 47 Helpful Google Search Operator Queries

By Pak Hou Cheung / January 13, 2012



To be honest, from my school days of using Google right up to today, the search engine giant has not once stopped impressing me. From its algorithmic updates for a better user experience to its cloud based computing services, Google has captured my life and sadly, probably my soul.

Today I will be sharing with you a collection of my favourite Google search operator queries, not only to help open your mind to the powers of Google being much more than a search engine, but also to show you that knowing some of these queries will help you become better in the art of SEO.


6 Starter Operator Search Operator Queries

These queries are particularly helpful because they’re generally quick and easy short cuts in narrowing your search results:

Query What does it mean?
“best practice seo”  Searches for this exact phrase within “”
mobile -phone  Inclusion of – means searches for the word mobile but nothing following after phone
seo ~glossary  Brings up a glossary of information regarding that word
define:seo  Definition of that word or phrase
OR / |  Returns search queries with one of the given terms
related:  Helps list web pages related to the URL

5 Basic Mathematics Search Operator Queries

Google search provides users with the ability to calculate simple maths without the need for your calculator:

Query  What does it mean?
+ / – / * //  Simple mathematics rules
% of  Percentage of a number
^ / **  Raise to the power of a number
square root of number  Find the square root of a number
reciprocal of (number)  Find the reciprocal value of a number

4 Advanced Mathematics Search Operator Queries

Surprisingly, Google does not stop at the most simple of mathematics and is there for the more complicated algorithmic-based equations:

Query What does it mean?
sin, cos, tan  You’re able to use the trigonometric functions within a search
ln(number)  Utilises the natural logarithm of the number
log(number)  Utilises the base 10 logarithm
number!  Returns a factorial number

7 Converting Tool Search Operator Queries

Google offers users the ability in search to convert various units:

Query An example, search in Google:
Currency converter  36 yuan to dollars
Data converter  Convert 81 Mb to Gb
Distance converter  68m to cm
Speed converter  38mph in kph
Temperature converter  18 Celsius in Fahrenheit
Time converter  89 days in minutes
Weight converter  8 stones in kg

7 Everyday Helpful Search Operator Queries

I find these operator queries particularly useful everyday, and maybe you will too:

Query What does it mean? An example, search in Google:
file:  Results show various file type extensions  file:linkbuilding.pdf
movie:  Results show movies in your local area  movie:oxford
weather:  Current weather forecast of that area  weather:oxford
time:  Local time in that country  time:china
sunrise:  Sunrise in that area  sunrise:oxford
map:  Map of that area  map:oxford
safesearch:  Search without any adult content  safesearch: sex education

2  Google News Search Operator Queries

These search operator queries are restricted to only Google News – very useful when you want to find news from a particular country or source-specific articles:

Query What does it mean? An example, search in Google news:
location:  Discover news posts from a location  Location:china
source:  Discover news posts from a source  Source:search engine land

4 Blog  Search Operator Queries

When searching for particular blog-related links, these operator queries can help you search by author, post type and blog title:

Query What does it mean? An example, search in Google:
inpostauthor:  Search for this specific author  inpostauthor:”kevin gibbons”
inblogtitle:  Search for this specific blog title  inblogtitle:seoptimise
inpostitle:  Search for posts with these titles  inpostitle: on page optimisation
blogurl:  Search for blogs under a specific URL  blogurl:seoptimise.com

12 SEO  Operator Queries

As an SEO practitioner, one of my most powerful search tools has to be Google itself. Just knowing these search operator queries exist is only quarter of the battle.  But understanding how they work and best practices is where you can excel:

Query What does it mean?
site:URL Search only one site or domain
site:URL (image search) Shows results for images on that website
allintitle: All search results must appear in the title of the page
intitle: The following keywords must appear in the title of the page
allintext: The following must appear within the text page
intext: The search term has to appear in the title of  the page
allinurl: The search term appears in the URL
allinanchor: The following search terms must all appear in anchor text links with the page
inanchor: All the following search terms all must appear in anchor text links with the page
cache: Displays Google’s cached version of a webpage
info: Provides information on that specific page
link: Finds the pages that link to that URL


Top Tip to Remember: In Google search you are not restricted to just one query per search. For example, you could have multiple queries in one search – e.g. site:seoptimise.com “web trends” -ppc

Thanks for reading this and please do share some of your favourite search operator queries!

*Image credit: niknack on Flickr.

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