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Kasia Piekut

Social Media Specialist

Specialising in social media, Kasia joined White in February 2015 with four years experience in campaigns, content, and digital marketing strategies. Working previously for marketing and creative agencies, she brings a mixture of innovative ideas combined with a strategic approach. Her recent content campaign, where social media was used as a listening tool for content creation, was recognised by the Social Buzz Awards where the project competed with Paddy Power, MTV as well as TMW.
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Kasia Piekut / June 25, 2015
Today’s digital opportunities provide brands with many occasions to connect with their core consumers in meaningful ways. But in order for this to work, brands themselves have to foster advocacy and make it a prominent part of their marketing strategies. In the age of consumer control and peer-to-peer influence, it’s not a secret that brand ambassadors are amongst the most powerful partners you could wish to have on your side. Yet as many reports suggest, brands are largely failing at driving advocacy through social media. [...]