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Marcus Taylor / December 13, 2011
A few days ago I was looking through my mentions on Twitter and I noticed a rough correlation between the strength of relationship I have with a person and the frequency/consistency of their interaction with me. I also noticed that strength of relationship was in rough correlation to the medium(s) that I’ve communicated with them on. In other words, the followers who I’d only spoke to over e-mail or Twitter weren’t interacting with me as often as those who I’d met in real life. [...]
Marcus Taylor / November 10, 2011
This post originally appeared on State of Search. [...]
Marcus Taylor / November 8, 2011
Launching a social network is to some extent a bit of a chicken and egg scenario these days, as you need people to encourage the businesses to get involved, but businesses can also attract more people. [...]
Marcus Taylor / October 25, 2011
Those of you who follow my tweets will probably know that I’ve recently launched a book called Get Noticed, which is a guide that explores the processes and techniques that successful networkers use to get noticed. [...]
Marcus Taylor / October 6, 2011
Over the past few weeks I've been surprised to see some really great posts struggle to gain any momentum, as well as seeing some really crap posts do surprisingly well in terms of being shared by a large audience. My suspicion is that in both cases it had a lot to do with the design of the sites that the blog posts were hosted on (here's a very good post on how design impacts shareability). I thought it would be interesting to put this question to the community to see what people thought were the most important factors in assisting a blog post to go viral and to see how [...]