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Having worked in online marketing roles for various digital agencies as well as in-house, Paul is an experienced consultant. Paul is a Journalism graduate and also lectures on the MA Journalism course at the University of Winchester where he helped create a multi-award winning digital news service for the university and community. Paul is also experienced in the development of quality control procedures and has previously managed a successful ISO:9001 accreditation process. Paul writes about all areas of search marketing and explores the implications of wider marketing considerations, with a particular focus on user experience and behavioural economics.
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Paul Wood / March 7, 2016
Whenever we experience something, our experiencing self is there, but then the remembering self summarises events. This can have a profound effect on UX. [...]
Paul Wood / August 11, 2015
I go on the internet quite a lot. I go on the internet everyday in fact. Whilst on the internet I use my skills of observation to look at what is out there. In an un-scientific study, I’ve concluded that 98% of the internet can be broken down into two broad categories: naughty websites and blogs. Sometimes the two categories merge, but let’s ignore that for now. [...]
Paul Wood / July 30, 2015
In SEO, there are few things worse than waking up to find that your organic traffic has disappeared. But what can be done about it? In order to answer that, you need to ask the right questions... [...]
Paul Wood / February 24, 2015
The digital industry is thriving and the rate of change can seem overwhelming, that is why a good event or conference is a great way to stay in touch with the industry and the diverse mix of people who make it. [...]
Paul Wood / August 19, 2014
“If anything you do influences the way people choose, then you are a choice architect”. [...]