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Tamsin Mehew / October 9, 2014
One of the not-so-fun parts of PPC is troubleshooting: there’s been a drop in performance and you need to know why so you can fix it. You’ll usually consult the Change History to see if it’s the result of a change in the account. But there’s a lot of changes that aren’t in the History. [...]
Tamsin Mehew / July 22, 2014
Last month I had an AdWords Script for bulk labelling ad groups – here’s a similar one to label keywords and creative. Now you can cover everything in your account in labels, until it looks like an explosion in a post-it factory! [...]
Tamsin Mehew / June 17, 2014
AdWords Labels! They’re so useful! At least they are once you’ve got them applied. [...]
Tamsin Mehew / May 6, 2014
Ads are obviously important. They’re the tip of the paid search iceberg: you need the campaign structure, keywords, bidding strategies and so on to keep everything afloat, but the ads (along with extensions) are the part that people actually see. [...]
Tamsin Mehew / April 1, 2014
Saturday was the fourth MeasureCamp – a free ‘unconference’ dedicated to web analytics. As it was my third time going I made a last-minute decision to lead a session of my own, to let people swap the Excel tips and tricks they’d accumulated over their careers. The lack of preparation was probably a mistake but hopefully it was useful anyway... [...]
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