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Awesome AdWords Flowchart to Check PPC Performance

By Richard Fergie / November 25, 2009

A few weeks ago I did a training course for a client who is running their own lead generation campaign in AdWords. In my experience, clients want two things from lead generation campaigns:

  1. More leads
  2. A lower cost per lead.

AdWords makes it very easy to report on these metrics but what AdWords beginners often struggle with is how to change them. I made them a flow chart to show what changes they could make, and how these changes effect the other metrics:

This is pretty hard to explain if you cant see it. Sorry blind guy :-(

Click the picture for a bigger version

I’m sure that if you are an AdWords guru then you’ll be able to draw a lot more lines on the chart but I think I’ve covered the most important stuff.

Usage Example

  • Suppose you want to improve (reduce) the cost per conversion.
  • Following the arrows backwards shows that you can either improve the conversion rate or reduce the average CPC.
  • Going back another level tells you that the landing page and the ad text influence the conversion rate so you can change one or both of these.
  • Alternatively you can reduce the average CPC either by reducing the CPC bid or by improving the quality score black box.

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