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Bing is For Doing - What do You Want to do Today?

By Shaad Hamid / May 2, 2012

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just shut down the computer you’re on and go do something absolutely outrageous? Something you never thought you’d do, or be able to do? But, what if one of the world’s top search engines were to help you make those unfulfilled dreams a reality? If you haven’t seen their ads on Facebook already, this is exactly what the search giant, Bing, have set out to achieve.

On the 18th of April, Bing UK, launched the “Bing is for doing” campaign to reach out to their users in order to discover what people really want to be doing. From those lifelong unfulfilled ambitions to those times when they’ve discovered something through a search engine that they’d love to do but think they’d never get the chance to.

The idea behind the campaign is pretty simple; since most people turn to search engines in order to arm themselves with the necessary insights and commentary to make informed choices, Bing decided they’d actually go a step further in offering you the opportunity to experience what you’ve found or discovered on a search engine.

In an email response, a spokesperson for Bing said: “We wanted to ask people of all ages what it is that they really want to be doing – whether that be travelling the world, learning a new skill or fulfilling a lifelong ambition.”

Bing has already received a significant number of submissions: “We’re really enjoying reading through people’s wants and as part of the campaign, the team will be looking to pick out a few select submissions with the view to making them actually happen.”

So what type of submissions are they looking for? According to Bing, “the submissions won’t necessarily be the most unique or the most outrageous – it’ll be a mix of things that make people laugh, cry and most of all make us want to get out there and do – life is there to be enjoyed and Bing wants to help people make the most of it.”

For more information, including examples of some of the submissions that have already got the folks at Bing thinking and video straw polls from all over the UK, visit the Bing UK Facebook page.

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