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Cutting out the noise; reviewing writing tools for the easily distracted 
As much as I hate to admit it, I get distracted easily. In fact, in the time that it’s taken me to write these first two sentences, I’ve watched two films, played on the Xbox for 3 hours and have made, and eaten, roughly 12 sandwiches.   In this age of laptops, tablets and phones, […]
7 Critical Steps to Boosting your Campaign’s CTR 
People don’t generally have a favourable attitude towards ads, so it was delightful for us lovers of PPC to hear Jon Myers talk at January’s Biddable World Conference about present and future paid search trends, where he identified an upward trend in CTR.   CTR is such an important metric when measuring PPC performance, as […]
10 helpful tools for an education in digital marketing 
If you’re like me and are interested in a wide spectrum of digital marketing areas, you may be familiar with some of what I’m going to recommend. If, on the other hand, you’re a die-hard fan of just 5 blogs and only read those blogs every day, you’re going to find your reading very limited. […]
Social Media: Building Communities 
Has your boss ever come to you and asked, “So what is our Facebook growth rate?” and your first thought is, ‘ermm…?!’ Yes – it’s a pretty daunting question. The thing is, social media isn’t as easy as tracking some numbers and then *poof* you magically have your answer. Although you can track data, you […]
Google Expand “(not provided)” Offering Into Paid Clicks 
So, Google has gone and done it… We heard on the grapevine a couple of weeks back that there were some ‘goings-on’ within Google around the ever-so helpful (not provided) data, or lack thereof. In October 2011, Google provided SSL encryption for signed-in searches on Google, meaning that a user’s search term was tracked as […]
These 5 public speaking tips will improve your writing today 
Hello and welcome, are you all comfortable? Great, let’s begin. I’m here today to tell you, yes you, the man in the front row looking nervous, how the art of public speaking can be transferred in to your writing. ‘How’ I hear you ask? I’ll explain. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to attend […]
MeasureCamp IV – Excel Tip Exchange 
Saturday was the fourth MeasureCamp – a free ‘unconference’ dedicated to web analytics. As it was my third time going I made a last-minute decision to lead a session of my own, to let people swap the Excel tips and tricks they’d accumulated over their careers. The lack of preparation was probably a mistake but […]
How your competitors may be outranking you with black-hat SEO techniques 
Black-hat SEO has been around as long as search engines, and many of the SEO techniques that were previously seen as white-hat and used by many, have gradually moved through the grey area to black-hat. While many of these techniques are now likely to cause you more harm than good, it’s frustrating to still see […]
10 free Google SEO tools everyone should use 
Whether you define yourself as an online marketer, an SEO or a content marketer, our industry often has a love/hate relationship with Google. However, no matter how you personally regard the big G, there are a selection of free tools they provide with potentially helpful data. Using these can really help pump-up your digital marketing […]
Tracking Clicks on # Anchors in Google Analytics 
A recent client acquisition lead to a good question in the office…. ‘Is it possible to track clicks on # Anchors in Google Analytics?’ The question arose due to the client’s website utilising a single page format with tabs anchor linking to sections further down the page. What are # Anchors? Many websites use ‘Named […]
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