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  • 13 Sites that have millions of links

    Have you ever wondered how some sites get so many links? Clearly sites such as Google deserve to have millions of links but I decided to see which sites and sub pages were building links into the millions.

    Check out the results below and see if you can spot the linkbait strategies that have got a site penalised, the automated linkbuilding strategies that work very well and the benefits of creating great plugins and tools.

    • 150 million links to http://www.statcounter.com/
    • 24.8 million links to http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
    • 24 million links to http://wordpress.com
    • 22 million links to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
    • 14 million links links to http://www.technorati.com
    • 13.7 million links to http://www.moneyexpert.com/Compare-Loans.aspx
    • 7.5 million links to http://www.moneyweb.co.uk/products/mortgages/mcapital.html
    • 5.5 million links to http://threestore.three.co.uk/
    • 5.5 million links to http://www.microsoft.com/
    • 4.8 million links to http://www.apple.com/
    • 4 million links links to http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/geovisitors/
    • 3 million links links to http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/ad-network/
    • 2 million links to http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress/popularity-contest
    • 1.3 million links to http://photomatt.net

    19 Responses to “13 Sites that have millions of links”

    1. Henk Jan Dulon Barre says:

      Well, it sounds quite reasonable to me that sites like wordpress, adobe, microsoft etc. have millions of links.
      I even thought it would be more.

    2. Henk Jan Dulon Barre says:

      Sorry, I wasn’t finished yet.
      Everybody uses Adobe so I thought it would be a few hundred million links.Although, it is strange that wordpress has more links than Adobe.
      Nice article I’ll sphin you.

    3. There are only 155 million websites on the internet. If each averages 10 pages then statcounter has a link from 10% of the web.

    4. Glen Allsopp says:

      I think you have your numbers wrong patrick, there are even more blogs than that

    5. Janusz says:


      That’s really cool list. I would never think how UK finance sites are so popular that everybody links to them ;)

    6. Aaron says:

      I’m surprised not to see any media sites on the list. I would have expected to see NY Times, CNN or others like that getting up to a millions.

    7. Charles says:

      No-one is actually making editorial links to MoneyExpert, MoneyWeb or Three. Those are just crappy links from the Digital Point Co-op.

      If you want your sites to rank #1 it is obviously the best system to use. Forget making a site of any value, just shove up a low quality lead generation site with worthless content and then attach Digital Point Co-op and watch the millions roll in. None of the search engines seem to be against the Digital Point Co-op, despite what Matt Cutts might say.

    8. Yes, I agree with Aaron. I was also expecting media sites like NY Times, BBC, etc.

      But looking at these sites links..I’m wondering when am I gonna have even just 10% of their links..^^

    9. Patrick websites like moneyexperts.com are link spammers.

    10. Selimhanov says:

      ’m surprised not to see any media sites on the list.

    11. James - Dolphin SEO says:

      It is frustrating that sites seem to be doing very well with things like Digital Co-OP. I just know if I ever implemented it I would get an instant penalty.

    12. Johannes says:

      how can http://www.moneyexpert.com/Compare-Loans.aspx build 13.7 million links with link exchange?? does anybody know which SEO agency is responsible for these links??

    13. It isn’t link exchange its automated using the Digital Point Coop.

    14. Ernest says:

      The links for Money Expert are from the Digital Co-Op Network and a few other link buying rings (where they’ve appeared alongside Three Mobile and Ocean Finance).

      The SEO agency they used to use was Latitude but I believe they’re now going it alone and continuing their spammy techniques in-house …possibly prompted by Ocean Finance’s and GoCompare.com’s penalities imposed by Google.

    15. John says:

      i still dont undestand why people actually linked them. how did this digital point network work?? did people get a link from digital point if they link do moneyexpert??

      have moneyexpert, moneyweb.co.uk and threestore.three.co.uk already been penalised???

    16. Robthedog says:

      Money expert certainly seemed to have scaled back – and refocussed their attention on a more diverse range of terms (Loans, Credit cards etc), however still using the Digital Co-op tool to do so.

    17. John J says:

      This morning Money Expert have gone from the UK SERPS for keywords such as “credit cards” “car insurance” etc.

      They also owned a site called broadband-help.com or .co.uk and were 4th for the term “broadband”. They have now gone.

    18. Almalthea says:

      Wow, http://www.statcounter.com/ has a Pr-8. I wonder how the many years it has been on the internet, and how it affects the Pr.

    19. G Money says:

      The list above just goes to show you, if you have enough time and money you can get millions of links to your site.

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