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  • 20 SEO Tools You Might Not Have Heard Of, But Should Be Using

    I should be presenting at BrightonSEO today on a 20/20 slot (20 slides, 20 seconds each) talking about 20 SEO tools.

    Unfortunately I can’t be there. Sadly my dad, Jim Gibbons, passed away on Wednesday morning having battled cancer so bravely for the last year, but unfortunately his health deteriorated very quickly earlier this week. Obviously it puts things in perspective, as these things always do, but I know my dad would have loved me to do this. He was so proud of my career and paid such a great interest in everything I do, especially speaking at events like this – mainly because this isn’t something I’m naturally comfortable at doing and I’d rather not be center of attention (I’m just like him in so many ways), but I am ambitious and want to push myself and company forward by forcing myself into creating and taking these opportunities.

    So while I can’t be there today, I still wanted to share the slides with everyone who’s going along to the event.

    [slideshare id=12523943&doc=20toolsyoumaynothaveheardofbutshouldbeusing-kevingibbons-120413022209-phpapp01]

    I love you dad, this one’s for you!


    20 Responses to “20 SEO Tools You Might Not Have Heard Of, But Should Be Using”

    1. Ahrefs is one of my favorites and a very interesting and helpful SEO-Tool I tested last week. Thx for sharing!

    2. Tony Wood says:

      Our thoughts are with you Kev, Thanks for the share

    3. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dad Kevin, I’m sure he’d be proud of you for such an eloquently written post. Just wanted to say thank you so much for still thinking of us all at this time and publishing your slides – gratefully received.

    4. Up till 1.15am testing some these tools, Ahrefs is the one to watch, like the findpeopleonplus.com tool, get those author links, sad news re your Dad Kevin, hopefully see you at the next ionSearch in Oct, keep up the great work!

    5. Nishadha says:

      wow, extremely useful set of tool, I especially liked the look of GAConfig, will definitely give that a try.

    6. Jonny Ross says:


      Sorry to hear, best wishes.


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    8. Mark Hodson says:

      Hi Kev, sorry to hear your news. This is a great collection of tools – a couple of nice ones I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for sharing,


    9. Sorry to hear the news, Great slides this was one of the presentations we were looking forward to at Brighton SEO.

      Thanks for making the slides downloadable.

    10. Great 20/20 Kevin, sorry to hear about your father…. will hope to hook up at the next Brighton SEO (or if you are at SMX london?)


    11. Jason Martin says:

      Great slides Kevin, thanks for sharing. Quite a few useful tools here

    12. Doug Cohen says:

      Just signed up for #19 myblogguest.com – going to see what that’s all about… thanks for the tips and sorry for your loss.

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    14. Sarah T says:

      Thanks for taking the time out to post this – it’s incredible of you to think of people like us whilst you have so much to do.

      Hope that you and your family are getting much love and support from each other and your friends during this time. I felt bewildered for weeks.

    15. Gökay says:

      Kevin, I’m so sad for losing your dad. I hope you will make your father’s name longer with your achievements.

    16. Rick says:

      Kevin, so sorry about your dad…
      Really nice tips summary… I would like also to add a new tool called Colibri, I found it very useful, it track my website’s position by keywords and find and monitor my competition, also monitor Twitter and Facebook mentions and Back Links or even the Page Rank, really nice dashboard where You can manage all competitor’s sites by each keyword-a great tool I think.

    17. Jon Leon says:

      There’s some really great tools here, I’m off to check out unbounce right now! Cheers!

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    19. Francisco says:

      Some of the tools help a lot personally i prefer raven tools, because you have in the suite a lot of things.
      But for check my backlinks i recommend ahrefs.


    20. Extreme Web says:

      Hi Kevin
      Sorry to hear about your loss, i went through the tools and the collection was really helpful.
      Thanks for sharing.

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