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Tad Chef / December 30, 2009
Creative Commons image by ahisgett [...]
Kelvin Newman / December 22, 2009
Christmas isn’t Christmas without someone butchering a much-loved song to make a marketing point and this year it’s our turn. Brace yourselves for the SEOptimise Twelve Days of Christmas Special... [...]
Tad Chef / December 18, 2009
Tad Chef / December 18, 2009
Robert Scoble by Alex de Carvalho [...]
Kelvin Newman / December 18, 2009
Many people read a huge amount of blog posts each day in order to learn and stay ahead of the game in SEO. I used to read loads of posts myself from the industry leading blogs all of the time. But I think you get to a point where, despite it being great to know what's going on out there, there's probably only a very small percentage of this information which directly benefits how you do your job. This post from Todd Malicoat about the important things which change in SEO is definitely worth a read. [...]
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