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    20 SEO New Year's Resolutions for 2010 
    Creative Commons image by ahisgett No matter if you like it or not when the old year fades away and the new year arrives most of us think about the past and the future. Was it a successful year? Where did we succeed, where did we fail? Which of the mistakes do we want to […]
    The 12 Days of Christmas – SEO Agency Edition 
    Christmas isn’t Christmas without someone butchering a much-loved song to make a marketing point and this year it’s our turn. Brace yourselves for the SEOptimise Twelve Days of Christmas Special… Image credit: krisdecurtis
    Who Has Hacked Twitter? Probably not Iranians, Hackers or Iranian Hackers 
    Why does the “Iranian Cyber Army” use the red star, a communist symbol from the soviet era? It’s Twitter Friday again! Welcome back to my weekly column. Apparently Twitter or rather its DNS got hacked. DNS is that little thingy that assigns real Internet addresses (like Twitter.com) to those so called IP addresses or rather […]
    SEO not Important in 2010? Robert Scoble's Ironic Video Advertorial Confuses the Masses 
    Robert Scoble by Alex de Carvalho In the attention economy the attention rich win over those who get less attention. As controversy and ignorance creates more attention than common sense and boring expertise we have to deal with the phenomenon of SEO bashing every now and then. People pointing fingers saying “look at that, how […]
    Don’t Just Read What Top Bloggers Write – Look at What They Do! 
    Many people read a huge amount of blog posts each day in order to learn and stay ahead of the game in SEO. I used to read loads of posts myself from the industry leading blogs all of the time. But I think you get to a point where, despite it being great to know […]
    10 PPC Predictions for 2010 
    December time is predictions time. Here are my predictions for PPC advertising next year. Bookmark this post so you can have a laugh at the end of 2010 (or bow down before my mighty foresight). Image credit: Flickr 1. CPCs will rise A pretty safe bet to begin with. The recession, apparently, is coming to an end […]
    Twitter Traffic Down or Not? In the US Yes, Elsewhere Rising 
    In this week’s Twitter Friday column I want to dissect the news that Twitter traffic is dropping for a few months in a row. Is it true?
    30 Resources on Google, Search & SEO Changes in 2010 
    Google changes faster than you can blink right now. Just some buzzwords that will bug you in 2010: Google Caffeine Google Real Time search Google Personalized search results Google Living Stories Google Phone I could go on like for a while. It’s not my intention to confuse you even more though. I want to shed […]
    Searching for Santa at SES Chicago 2009 Video 
    Jonathan Allen’s been behind the camera again with another great video from Search Engine Strategies. This follows up from the very popular SES London video earlier in the year with the latest 50 SEO’s from SES Chicago. Some great comments from lots of search guys and Dave Naylor is very funny, representing the british contingent! […]
    Top 50 UK Brands Who Haven't Claimed Their Twitter Name 
    Claiming a Twitter profile name seems to be the new domain squatting, so I thought it would be interesting to see how many top brands have claimed what would be their first choice Twitter handle. Image credit: Flickr So for example, Sky would presumably like to have claimed twitter.com/sky – but missed out on this […]
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