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  • 25 Must Follow Trunk.ly Users Who Get You the Latest SEO Nuggets


    Trunk.ly is the killer app nobody really talks about. It deserves the hype of Friendfeed or Quora, but barely anybody notices the huge impact it may have in future and it’s only rarely that someone explains how useful it already is. A few articles urge you to use it, but

    Trunk.ly is indeed the solution for half a dozen Web-related problems almost everybody faces.

    First and foremost, it get rids of all the fluff and chatter and lets you follow your favourite friends and influencers holistically on the Web. Trunk.ly simply collects all the links a person shares throughout the Web.  This might sound a bit like the aforementioned Friendfeed, but it lacks the annoying and time-wasting features of the former.

    I’ve been using Trunk.ly ever since it seemed that Delicious would be killed off completely by Yahoo. Thus I frantically tried several Delicious alternatives. Trunk.ly was the best of them. Meanwhile, I’m using Delicious again but I also use Trunk.ly for other reasons than just social bookmarking.

    Delicious is great for organising your own bookmarks. It never was a good place to share or even overview your friends’ bookmarks.

    It has some features for that but they are too hidden and too many clicks away. Also, most of the link sharing these days happens on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the like.

    On Trunk.ly it’s far easier to follow how popular a particular post is. I can see who the people are who share the link, no matter where they share it. I can follow the shared links from people I respect on the Web as a whole. So who are the people you want to get the links served from when it comes to SEO, search marketing and social media optimisation?

    Here are 25 must follow Trunk.ly users who get you the latest SEO nuggets:

    1. Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing
    2. Justin Briggs, independent SEO consultant
    3. Bharati AhujaWebPro Technologies
    4. Andrew Doyle of Crafted Media
    5. Todd Mintz, an SEO blogger who contributes everywhere
    6. Alex Moss of Pleer SEO
    7. Matthew Edward of Springboard SEO
    8. Richard Baxter of SEO Gadget
    9. Aaron Chronister aka TheMadHat
    10. Tad Miller from Search Mojo
    11. Wayne Barker of Hallam
    12. Gabriella Sannino alias SEOcopy from Level343
    13. Dawid Iwanow of The Lost Agency
    14. Aleyda Solis, spanish SEO
    15. James Zolman alias jameszol of Familyhomesecurity.com
    16. Gianluca Fiorelli of I Love SEO
    17. Dobata
    18. Tom Demers of Measured SEM
    19. Samir Balwani
    20. Marc Levy of Matan Media
    21. Christoph Cemper of Cemper.com
    22. Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide
    23. Eric Enge aka stoneteple from Stone Temple Consulting
    24. Debra Mastaler of Alliance Link
    25. Courtney Seiter from Raven

    As you see, these people are not just the usual suspects or the SEO industry giants.

    These are the curators who provide the links you want to know about and can with the help of Trunk.ly.

    You just get the links – nothing less but also nothing more, so there is no typical social media time-wasting going on here.

    Just go to your timeline aka “Friends’ links” and see what people share almost in real time. The number of people who share a link are displayed as well, so you see whether it matters to more than one person. For example, just now I see that  “5″ people have shared a post by Claire Carlile on targeting the right keyword phrases I appreciate.

    Of course there may be even more great Trunk.ly users from the SEO industry you want to recommend. Please do it in the comment section!

    If you don’t have the time to follow all the people above, you can try checking out the SEO experts group instead. This is OK but contains mostly links for SEOMoz and Search Engine Land. For hidden gems you have to follow my route.

    * Image by Larissa Sayer

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    15 Responses to “25 Must Follow Trunk.ly Users Who Get You the Latest SEO Nuggets”

    1. Wayne Barker says:

      Hey there Tad,
      Great post – Trunk.ly is a great app and one that I have been using for a little while now. I also find it a great way of searching back through my own stuff to find that post that I know solves a problem I’m having. We all to easily forget what we share – a retrospective digging tool.

      Oh, and thanks for the mention – nice little bit of ego-bait!!!!

    2. Thanks a ton for the mention Tad Chef (@onreact_com) .

      I totally agree – “You just get the links – nothing less but also nothing more, so there is no typical social media time-wasting going on here.”

      Moreover SEO is all about content , intent and links hence a platform like trunk.ly which records all the links shared by you does co relate you to that industry and that is something very important when it comes to overall web presence.

      Accounts on trunk.ly , klout.com, peerindex.net and other such sites which measure the influence of your social presence, associate your account to your niche industry and also keep a record of links shared by you give a certain online persona to your social presence.

    3. Awesome post, Tad. I had never heard of Trunk.ly, but set up an account and followed your suggested list above and I’m glued to it. What a fantastic way to leave out all the BS and follow all the links that matter. Thanks!

    4. Aleyda says:

      Thank you for including me in the list… I’ve already started following the rest of the ppl you mentioned! Trunk.ly is indeed a great source of information and provides an excellent mechanism to save information :)

    5. Marc Levy says:

      Thanks for the mention and perhaps this explains the sudden increase in my trunk.ly followers :)

      Trunk.ly is a fantastic service, especially for those ‘to busy to follow everything that’s going through twitter ‘ times. Highly recommend for all those not using it yet!

    6. Tim says:

      Hi Tad,

      Thanks for this kind review – it’s great to see people like yourself really appreciate and share the vision of what we are trying to do with Trunk.ly.

      There’s lots planned in the pipeline and we are working hard to try and make the power of Trunk.ly even easier to use and more discoverable for users.

      I really appreciate the feedback on the SEO group – we have a lot of thoughts in the group area and will be experimenting to try and refine the article selection and improve it even further.

      Again, thanks for the review!


      Tim – Co-founder, Trunk.ly

    7. Hey Tad,

      I found this post by searching for ‘trunkly’ (6th result). I started following the accounts as per your recommendation, and then got to #7..

      Nice surprise, thank you.

      Trunkly seems like a decent way to cut through the noise of other social platforms when looking for the latest and greatest content. I’ll add it to my daily routine!


    8. James says:

      Tad! Thanks a ton for the hat tip. Much appreciated.

    9. Tad Chef says:

      Hey everybody, you are welcome and thank you for the great contributions. I use Trunk.ly quite often when I research for my posts so you are making my life simpler.

      Tim: Thank you for the great service. It’s such an logical idea I wonder why nobody has implemented it before you.

      James: You are welcome, I already followed you.

    10. Jason Gardose says:

      whoah! Thanks for this.. I haven’t heard of trunk.ly before. I’m starting to digg now. lol!

    11. James says:

      Obligatory “you forgot x” post. What about Rand Fishkin! He should definitely make the list: http://trunk.ly/randfish/

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    14. pcnewsystems says:

      The update was done in the SERPs by Penguin have distorted the results of research, often bringing on top websites very poor. Many good sites have been unfairly penalized, hopefully that will correct the bugs.

    15. Joydeep says:

      Thanks for listing useful persons to follow on trunk.ly . This website is the least to be talked about but indeed is a great resource.

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