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  • 30 Great SEO Blogs You Might Not Know Yet

    Recently both my own SEO Blog SEO 2.0 and the SEOptimise blog have been featured in a few “top SEO blogs” lists. While I was of course delighted to get so much appreciation for publication I write for I also noticed that some of the “best blogs” weren’t best at all while other really good blogs about SEO were missing. Thus I decided to compile a list of 30 great SEO blogs you might not know yet.

    These blogs and the respective bloggers involved are often funny, intriguing and posting in-depth articles. Others are on point and stay on top of events or cover SEO in a manner everyone can understand.

    OK, long story short below are the blogs I refer to. For each blog I have a post I recommend as an example of the respective writing skills.​

    SEO Blogs by SEO Consultants, Execs and other Specialists

    SEO Blogs by SEO and other Companies

    Blogs by SEO Allstars and Veterans

    SEO Related Blogs from Outside the SEO industry

    Of course these 30 blogs are nit the only blogs I really recommend. Time limitations made me limit this list to those who caught my eye ore recently. I’ve collected many more weblogs from the SEO industry and beyond on Blekko in the offical /seoblogs slashtag.

    Which dark horse SEO blogs do you read? Add them in the comment section. You can promote yourself as well or complain for not being included!​

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    23 Responses to “30 Great SEO Blogs You Might Not Know Yet”

    1. Hugo says:

      Thank you for mentioning my humble blog on your site! It’s really much appreciated.

      Keep up the great work here and happy holidays!

    2. Tony Verre says:


      Wow, I’m completely humbled. Thanks for including me this list with such tremendous SEM minds. Hope you and the SEOptimise team have a great Christmas!


    3. Wow – I love a list – especially when I’m on it! ;)
      Thanks Kevin – and have a happy Christmas x

    4. Thanks Tad! Have a lovely Christmas :)

    5. Aaron says:

      Great post,

      Definitely have to add a lot more of these to my “must read” list.

    6. AJ Kohn says:

      Thanks so much for including Blind Five Year Old on your list. It’s even more gratifying coming from someone in the field I really respect.

      Thanks again and happy holidays.

    7. Ross Hudgens says:

      Thanks for the mention here! Great to be next to a lot of talented writers – and nice job curating them all together!.

    8. Thanks for including me on the list Tad. Very much appreciated.

    9. Hi there,

      Really nice post highlighting some truly excellent blogs!

      Another goody that I haev spent some time reading through is http://www.ponder.co.za.
      It’s not solely dedicated to SEO but also touches on online marketing and the rest of the digital arena.

    10. Gabriella says:

      It’s always nice surprise when you get a notice in your email that your site has been pinged! What makes it even nicer is when you come across a page with your site listed! Yeahhh thank you so much. We’ve been working very hard in 2010 to make little waves. I’m glad to see people are listening. I have to admit the people you have on this list are A-mazing…Icing on this wonderful day. I hope 2011 will be a tsunami lol.

    11. Hey Tad – many thanks for including my Vertical Leap blog post on here!

      I was quite surprised at how many of these I’d read!

    12. Matthew Diehl says:

      Really don’t know what to say Tad, except, Thanks! I knew people were stoppin’ by my lil’ echo-chamber (analytics is a dead give away) but it is truly humbling to be included in such a great list of SEO thought leaders and writers.

      Thanks & Happy Holidays!

    13. Jim Rudnick says:

      And for those of us “B” level SEO bloggers, this is a list to aim at being included on for next year, eh!

      But thanks Tad….found a couple of new ones here!


    14. Tad Chef says:

      Thanks everybody for the great contribution to the SEO blogosphere. I’m enjoying your writings very much and learn a lot thus including you here is just a little sign of gratitude on my side.

      Jonathan: Good one, I’ve included you on Blekko /seoblogs.

      Jim: Shame on me for not including you. Such lists are never big enough to include all people who deserve a mention. Maybe I’ll follow up with a “great Canadian SEO blogs” list :-)

    15. Toffsy Heart says:

      Thanks for putting together a list of good SEO blogs. That’s really nice to see. I, however don’t have SEO-only blog, but those who are using WordPress, can easily and quickly increase their search engine ranking with these simple SEO tactics that I’ve mentioned here: http://toffsyheart.com/wordpress-marketing-seo-tips/

    16. Seo Queen says:

      I have visited some of these blogs and there are some great things to learn there. Thanks for sharing these. I am also running an seo and internet marketing blog at blogger.

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    18. My year in SEO – the good, the bad, the ugly and the sad | Claire Carlile Marketing says:

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    19. jenitta says:

      Glad it was a helpful post,Nice collection.It will be very useful for every SEO.Thanks a lot….


    20. And don’t forget SEO tool for firefox, it’s a great tool for SEO.

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