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  • 30 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must Know to Succeed Online

    There are probably tens of thousands of Internet marketing blogs. They often focus on different marketing aspects yet still you can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of them in every niche.

    In order to prevent information overload I selected 30 marketing blogs I am convinced everybody serious about online marketing success for his blog, website or ecommerce site should at least know.

    I divided the list into categories. Of course they aren’t as strict as they seem, search marketing blogs also deal with general Internet marketing e.g. This categorization is based on the main focus I perceive.

    Internet Marketing

    Search Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Social Media and Viral Marketing

    Problogging, Writing and Content

    General Marketing and Business

    You will notice that neither the SEOptimise blog nor my own SEO 2.0 have entered the list. I’m working very hard to make both of them enter this list but and while both have more than 1000 subscribers etc. I still won’t compare them to giants like Search Engine Land for instance.

    I added some dark horses (unknown blogs) though by bloggers that have made a lasting impression on me and the Web. Most notably the two serial bloggers Steven of Traffikd and Ritu of Marketing Hackz who even managed to get on the Digg front page several times with his marketing postings at a place who traditionally hates marketers. Both of them have a whole network of high quality and very popular blogs. The marketing blogs being just a small part of their empires.

    On the other hand I actually dislike some other bloggers on this list. As I attempted to make an objective must know Internet marketing blogs list I had to mention them. You must decide yourself whether you want to read them.

    In short: I wanted this Internet marketing blogs list to cover all the needs for someone who wants to cover 80% of his informational needs with 20% of the time to read the probably 120 blogs this list should contain.

    You will also notice that the list above contains only 29 items. It was so hard to pick #30 out of all the magnificent blogs out there that I want you to suggest one, but please do not suggest your own blog!

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    38 Responses to “30 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must Know to Succeed Online”

    1. Matt Sawyer says:

      >>On the other hand I actually dislike some other bloggers on this list.

      C’mon you can’t say that and then not tell us who :)

    2. Lee Odden says:

      Thanks for including TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog on the list Tad. As you know, we like lists :) My suggestion wouldn’t be a single blog, but an aggregator like seomash.com

    3. I don’t agree with all of these choices, but I certainly appreciate being included. If there were one blog to add to the list, I would say it’s gotta be Brian Clark’s Copyblogger.

    4. Eloi says:

      For PPC enthusiasts like me, I would recommend

    5. Oops sorry, I was looking at Copyblogger but meant Men With Pens (http://menwithpens.ca). Confused myself for a second there. More coffee!

    6. Flowers says:

      As you point out, there are tons of SEO blogs of which only a handful of them are information worthy. Personally, it would have been great if there were seperate lists within SEO focusing on particular content. For example, SEOMoz, SEOBook, Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts etc, they focus mainly on optimisation. We could do with a few quality blogs on SEM and analytics. Haven’t checked out PPCBlog yet.

      Nevertheless, a great list.

    7. I wrote a post about Top 20 Daily SEO & PPC Blogs but this was over 18 months ago, definitely needed an update!

    8. SEO Genius says:

      Where is my site :(

      Anyways good list :)

    9. Nice list. I’d also recommend a smallbiz/local search section which would include:


      among others

    10. Tad Chef says:

      Matt: I don’t like “SEO has no Future” link baiters, and people who refer to privacy advocates as “conspiracy theorists” ;-)
      Also some bloggers who make heavy use of undisclosed affiliate links.

      Lee: You’re welcome. Yeah. Seomash is great. Alltop.com also -> http://seo.alltop.com/

      Michael: So tell us where you actually disagree!

      Eloi: Thanks! I suck at PPC big time so I just did not know whom to choose here.

      Michael: Yeah, good one. Not sure if fitting into this list though.

      Flowers and Kevin: good idea for a follow up and/or update!

      SEO Genius: I just said “not yourself” ;-)

      Andrew: In fact I considered two of the already smallbusinesssem.com of course and ducttapemarketing.com but the latter has a fake RSS counter. Maybe in the follow up.

    11. ebauer says:

      Thank you for the great tips. I will also suggest http://www.squidoo.com; http://www.blogpulse.com.
      Again, Thank you for your tips

    12. Dan says:

      You forgot jimboykin.com

    13. Steven Snell says:

      Hey Tad,
      Thanks so much for the mention. I subscribe to about 5 of these blogs, used to subscribe to many more but I cut back so that I can actually have time to read the ones I subscribe to. I would add SEO 2.0 to the list, even though you were humble enough not too. Even though Traffikd is the smallest of my 3 blogs, I really enjoy being able to discuss some of the things that work for me with my other blogs. Although posts aren’t that frequent, I also like http://www.viperchill.com/.

    14. Tad Chef says:

      ebauer. Why? These are neither blogs nor aggregators.
      Dan: I considered Jim due to his fame but his blog hasn’t been that useful recently. Maybe Lisa Barone will change that.

      Hey Steven, fixed the misspelling! I considered Glen’s blog of course but he’s not steady enough as you mention yourself. SEO 2.0 might appear in this list but not as long as I write it. SEO 2.0 is not about self promotion. Sneaking in the SEO 2.0 link was bad enough!

    15. Dan says:

      Notice Jim’s responce to Dave’s comment…
      it’ll be some interesting stuff

    16. IDoBlogs says:

      Quite a nice list – thanks for passing along.

    17. Wpromote says:

      Great list! There’s definitely a few I plan on checking out.

    18. I think Bill over at http://www.seobythesea.com is one of the best sites, however it doesn’t quite fit into any of your categories. Maybe a category for search tech, before the fact!

    19. Eric Hensley says:

      Excellent list, I would add the kind of marketing, Seth Goden, to this list as well. His advice isn’t necessarily as practical some of these, but it’s food for thought.


    20. JamesW says:

      Tad, I love this blog. Just thought I would say – always something great to read, just wish you would post more frequently.

    21. John Parker says:

      “You will notice that neither the SEOptimise blog (LINK) nor my own SEO 2.0 (LINK) have entered the list. I’m working very hard to make both of them enter this list but and while both have more than 1000 subscribers etc. I still won’t compare them to giants like Search Engine Land for instance.”

      ” SEO 2.0 might appear in this list but not as long as I write it. SEO 2.0 is not about self promotion”

      Funny ..very very funny. Thanks.

    22. My favourite of the lot is Marketing Pilgrim. On another note I have bookmarked your blog, it should be on the list. Your blog is easy to read, simple, and well thought out. Really Digg it. Will go and check out some of the other blogs above.

    23. John says:

      One that is rather new but that I find helpful is http://www.sbimonline.com . It is blog focused on small business internet marketing.

    24. We like our own of course

    25. [...] 30 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must Know to Succeed OnlineThis list of 30 internet marketing blogs is worth a review. If you’re trying to stay abreast of the industry this would certainly be a good starting point! For those SMB’s out there I recommend you have a look at these sites. The regular information they frequently release will help you in your question to leverage internet marketing even if you’re just looking to hire an outside agency to help you out. [...]

    26. Area Rugs Girl says:

      Awesome list. Just bookmarked this page. I’ve been looking at doshdosh and Seth Godin, you can’t lose with that.

    27. An unique list! keep up good work:)

    28. We are very flattered that the HubSpot Blog made this list. A lot of the folks on your list are the folks we respect and read ourselves, so for you to put us in this company is a great compliment.

    29. Listorbit says:

      Really it is must read and check all those top players.

    30. Suzanne Lamoutte says:

      Great list. I found some sites on there that I never knew of, and looking at them. I love them very informative. Thanks.

    31. Beth says:

      The article is really helpful for experienced as well as beginner blogger. Thanks for the detail information about blogging.

    32. Best of 2008 for bloggers: 1600+ tips, tricks, advices and strategies! says:

      [...] Blog Directories and Communities to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic and Popularity SEO Optimizing Tips: 30 + 30 + 25 + 30 + 33 + 30 + [...]

    33. seo company says:

      Blogs are really good for expressing views and breaking the ice without making much noise….

    34. an excellent list and sites that I visit regularly however I think SEO shark should also be included

    35. Steve says:

      I have spent 4 long years trying to learn all about the internet business. I am very concerned about the amount of hype out there. Fast talking people who are very difficult to understand, particularly in parts of the USA. However giving back is the key once you get on top. My advice is be ethical like your customers and remember “The buck stops with you” make sure customers can contact you. Talk slowly.
      If you hate your suppliers and hate your customers why be in business? I have actually seen it!

    36. It’s good to have a reference point for bloggers with a large amount of followers. From what I’ve read, you can ask for mentions in blogs to help with Internet marketing. Can you advise me on what sort of pricing structure to expect?

    37. Matt Henss says:

      I am very pleased with this list. Any advice on optimising for small business on google local/places?

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