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30 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must Know to Succeed Online

30 Internet Marketing Blogs You Must Know to Succeed Online


By Tad Chef / October 15, 2008

There are probably tens of thousands of Internet marketing blogs. They often focus on different marketing aspects yet still you can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer number of them in every niche.

In order to prevent information overload I selected 30 marketing blogs I am convinced everybody serious about online marketing success for his blog, website or ecommerce site should at least know.

I divided the list into categories. Of course they aren’t as strict as they seem, search marketing blogs also deal with general Internet marketing e.g. This categorization is based on the main focus I perceive.

Internet Marketing

Search Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media and Viral Marketing

Problogging, Writing and Content

General Marketing and Business

You will notice that neither the SEOptimise blog nor my own SEO 2.0 have entered the list. I’m working very hard to make both of them enter this list but and while both have more than 1000 subscribers etc. I still won’t compare them to giants like Search Engine Land for instance.

I added some dark horses (unknown blogs) though by bloggers that have made a lasting impression on me and the Web. Most notably the two serial bloggers Steven of Traffikd and Ritu of Marketing Hackz who even managed to get on the Digg front page several times with his marketing postings at a place who traditionally hates marketers. Both of them have a whole network of high quality and very popular blogs. The marketing blogs being just a small part of their empires.

On the other hand I actually dislike some other bloggers on this list. As I attempted to make an objective must know Internet marketing blogs list I had to mention them. You must decide yourself whether you want to read them.

In short: I wanted this Internet marketing blogs list to cover all the needs for someone who wants to cover 80% of his informational needs with 20% of the time to read the probably 120 blogs this list should contain.

You will also notice that the list above contains only 29 items. It was so hard to pick #30 out of all the magnificent blogs out there that I want you to suggest one, but please do not suggest your own blog!

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