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  • 30 Ways to Use Blekko for Search & SEO

    Blekko, the advanced search engine for power users has so many advantages that it took me quite a while to find out about them. There are plenty of use cases for both search users as well as webmaster and SEO practitioners. Blekko basically replaces a dozen of others tools if you use more than the obvious features.

    Thus I have compiled a list of 30 ways to use Blekko for search and SEO.

    To understand most of these features you have to remember what a slashtag is: It’s basically a search engine for a special topic or range of sites. For instance the slashtag /architecture deals with, you guess it, architecture but it searches only within a few dozens of handpicked sites.

    Take note that you’ll need to register and log in to use many of the techniques and features described below. Blekko is clearly not your Mom’s search engine. It’s not for the lazy users either it seems. Once you know how to use its advanced features you’ll be better off than using Google in many cases.

    Basic Search

    • Search like you do on Google by simply entering your query
    • Wait a “second” and choose predefined slashtags or key phrases you may want to search from the appearing drop down
    • Check most recent results (newest first) by adding the /date slashtag to your search
    • Search for images using the /images slashtag
    • Search for videos using the /videos slashtag

    Advanced Search

    Custom Search

    • Search using default slashtags by adding a space and then the slashtag
    • Search using user’s slashtags by adding a space a user name and the slashtag. Example: http://blekko.com/ws/solar+/onreact/greenblogs
    • Create a slashtag (custom search engine on the fly) by clicking the “create a slashtag” menu item on the left before your profile image.
    • Follow slashtags (to get noticed and added to one)
    • Create nested slashtags by adding existing slashtags to your new slashtag. example: I created a slashtag that combines all the other major SEO related slashtags. It’s called /seoresources

    Inside your Browser

    • Download and install the Blekko toolbar for Firefox or Internet Explorer
    • Add a Blekko search plugin to Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Go here and click “Blekko” to install it. Btw. I’m the creator of the plugin. You can do that manually as well in Google Chrome in the options.
    • Add Blekko to your browser address bar in Firefox: Type about:config in the address bar (where the URL/website address goes usually), then enter “keyword.URL” into the “filter” input. Double click the entry you find and type in “http://blekko.com/ws/” into the prompt (window with input appearing). Done. Now whenever you type in a search query and hit enter you’ll search for that query on Blekko.

    SEO Tools

    • Find out why a site ranks on top and whether it’s legit by adding the /rank slashtag. Example: http://blekko.com/ws/seo+/rank
    • Check the backlink profile of a site to see where it’s popular and thus notice artificial backlink patterns by clicking “seo”. Example: http://blekko.com/ws/www.seoptimise.com+/seo
    • Check domain popularity by clicking “inbound links” and scrolling down to see the list of domains, most important first.
    • Check actual backlinks by clicking “links” below search results or adding the /links slashtag behind your URL
    • Check the popularity of internal pages of a site by adding the /sitepages slashtag. Example: http://blekko.com/ws/www.seoptimise.com+/sitepages or clicking the “site pages” tab in the /seo interface.
    • Compare your site to a competitor by clicking “compare” and adding both URLs
    • Check for content theft (and other duplicate content) either by clicking “duplicate content” or adding /domanduptext.
    • Get even more detailed SEO data by adding the /inbound slashtag to a domain. Example: http://blekko.com/ws/www.seoptimise.com+/inbound

    Misc. Blekko Uses and Hacks

    • Add SEO data to Blekko search results with a GreaseMonkey script provided by my friend Matthew Diehl
    • Import your most bookmarked Delicious domains to Blekko to create a slashtag using this hack

    How do you use Blekko? In case you don’t use Blekko yet, why don’t you? Blekko isn’t perfect yet. It has to rely on Yahoo fo long tail results and on Bing for image search but more often than not it offers quality before quantity. I use more Blekko than Google now.

    I help people with blogs, social media & search. I help you succeed on the Web. I've been online publishing for 15 years. I started back in 1997.

    12 Responses to “30 Ways to Use Blekko for Search & SEO”

    1. Ching says:

      Hi Tad,

      This is really good post about how to utilise Blekko as a good SEO tool. Like all the details you provided about different site command. Love slash tags!!

    2. LinkMünki says:

      Blekko is the future of intelligent search, but I don’t think it will ever become huge, sadly. Those who know how to use it generally prefer it, like me


    3. Tad Chef says:

      Ching: Thank you very much. Also a great website you have there.
      Have you created slashtags already? Tell us about them!

      LinkMünki: I can’t see any custom slashtags on your profile. There is some work to be done it seems…

    4. Jessie Reynolds says:

      Blekko is definitely a cool new search engine. The slash tag feature is unique and gives it an edge that people will be interested in. However, I do not think it will ever reach the popularity of Google due to it’s complicated nature. I think Google’s greatest strengths is it’s simplicity; it’s so easy anyone can use it to it’s full potential. Blekko is not like that.

      Coming from someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands, having to learn how to use a search engine does not appeal to me when I have Google available. Of course I took the time to learn about Blekko, but I’m in the industry. I don’t think the average person will want to do that.

      I’ve done some research and I think the best new search engine is Bweezy. Similar name, but very different from Blekko. Bweezy offers Google results, which I love. It also lets you open search results in the same window as the search, which eliminates the need to open a ton of tabs! I’d check it out if you’re into new search engines.

    5. Hans says:

      Thank you for such an informative post. I am rather new to Blekko, but planning to spend some time on it and get familiar with some of the feathures. I do not believe that this is the type of search engine that will gain much popularity because it is just not making things easier, and not every average user will be comfortable using it. I will probably have more to say about it once I dig in deeper. Thank you again for the information…

    6. Very useful info. Im new to blekko also as almost all of us but will keep trying and see how can benefit my website and ranking. I know blekko is new and will keep improving so its good to start now than later.

    7. vasiauvi says:

      It’s a little bit hard to understand how to use this service but I will keep trying to use it and to learn how to use it.
      Thanks for the info!

    8. Mark Hall says:

      Nice post. I like the slash tags!

    9. Ilham says:

      Um…I’m still confused on how to use combined slashtags. :? help?

    10. Roger says:

      Today blekko discontinued their public SEO data! I sent them an email and they say that ALL their SEO data will now be behind a paywall:


      Does anybody know of an alternative to Blekko Rank which shows domain authority on an UNBOUNDED LINEAR scale?


    11. prijm says:

      we always prefer blekko for power search :)

    12. I agree to this post but i suspect Blekko will be able to sustain in race for it’s complexity.

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