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301 Redirect Results - 2 Weeks Later

301 Redirect Results - 2 Weeks Later


By Kevin Gibbons / August 9, 2007

A couple of weeks ago I setup a 301 redirect for ukgoogleconsultant.co.uk (an old domain I used ages ago), redirecting this to a new Google consultant webpage on the seoptimise.com domain instead.

Two weeks later here are the results:



  • Old domain homepage still indexed, internal pages have disappeared though.
  • New webpage also indexed.
  • The old domain is still ranking in Yahoo at #5. Yahoo! seems to take ages redirecting pages, the current #1 result for this search is a Wikipedia entry for Google consultant which was redirected to their search engine optimization page around 6 months ago!

Windows Live

  • New page indexed
  • Old domain has 2 remaining webpages indexed, one of them the homepage.
  • New version is the one appearing for live.com searches, which is still at #1.

So far I haven’t seen any other ranking increases throughout the seoptimise.com domain as a result of the redirect, but to be honest I wouldn’t have really expected this to have a noticeable effect anyway.

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