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35 Non-Google SEO How tos, Tutorials & Other Resources

By Tad Chef / April 28, 2009

After the tremendous success of my top 10 list on non-Google SEO methods I decided to follow up with a more in depth list.

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While preparing the 35 Non-Google SEO How tos, Tutorials & other Resources I realized that I need to split up the list due to the high number of links that have to be included.

So there will be another list following this one. The first 35 Non-Google SEO resources list encompasses how tos and tutorials for the initial 5 types of online business promotion in 2009:

  1. Twitter
  2. Blogging
  3. YouTube
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Social Shopping

The Twitter hype is growing louder and louder each time you think it already has peaked. This makes it very difficult to find the important Twitter resources amidst thousands of publications. I have chosen just 10 which explain how to use Twitter for business promotion. Some explain it as a whole some focus on important aspects of Twitter marketing.

  1. Twitter Guide For Small Business | Datadial Blog
  2. Best Practices for Branded Twitter Accounts | Ignite Social Media
  3. Bruceclay.com – Effective Brand Management using Twitter – SEO Blog
  4. How to Build Your Twitter Cred | Editor Unleashed
  5. A Guide To Twitter: What It Is, How To Use It And Twitter Tools | Lost Art Of Blogging
  6. Twitter Case Study — Social Media Optimization
  7. 10 Awesome Ways to Integrate Twitter With Your Website – Nettuts+
  8. Develop a Twitter Landing Page
  9. The 7 Ways to Approach Twitter
  10. Twitter Tips (Attract and Influence People on Twitter)

Blogging is similar to Twitter in that there is a huge number of resources to choose from. Here I sorted out some really valuable ones, 10 to be exact. Many of them are compilations or resources themselves.

  1. So: Why Blog? | Dr. Johnson’s Cat
  2. How to Create a Blogging Plan and Actually Reach Your Goals This Year
  3. 10 Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers | Traffikd
  4. The 25 Basic Styles of Blogging … And When To Use Each One
  5. SEO 2.0 | 10 Commandments of Business Blogging
  6. 27 Resources for Evaluating Blogging ROI – KoMarketing Associates
  7. 3, 2, 1… A Blog is the Perfect Launching Pad to Blast Off Your Online Business
  8. 50 Blog Post Ideas for Business Blogging | SEOptimise
  9. 40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content | chrisbrogan.com
  10. How To Build A Community On Your Blog | TopBusinessReviews.com

In spite of YouTube being probably the most successful social site ever with often million of people viewing popular videos there’s surprisingly no information overdose on how to use YouTube for SEO, marketing or branding purposes. I have nonetheless 5 must read resources for you.

  1. Bruceclay.com – Up Close With YouTube – SEO Blog
  2. Universal Search Video Results and the effect it can have
  3. Guide to Video Marketing on YouTube
  4. How to Make Your Video Posts More Accessible to an Untapped Market of Millions
  5. Using Video Annotations to Raise Awareness and Website Traffic | 10e20 Blog

One of the most solid social networking sites is LinkedIn. In case you’re online in business matters you have to be there to be seen as a professional. There are few but worthwhile resources here, not necessarily from the search marketing industry view point.

  1. LinkedIn Marketing – 6 Reasons to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business
  2. Effective Marketing on LinkedIn | NLC BLOG
  3. Linked Intelligence » 100+ Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn
  4. How to Change the World: Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn
  5. Thoughts on leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool

Social Shopping
Social shopping seems to be the latest rage but in reality it has been there for years, it’s growing bigger and more important year by year. Here too, surprisingly, the number of resources is not overwhelming. I had to look more closely.

  1. Social Shopping Reviews Roundup: 2008 Update | Get Elastic
  2. Social Shopping: Build Long-Term Traffic and Trust – Search Engine Watch (SEW)
  3. ‘Tis the Season to Be Social: Five Ways to Tap Into Social Shopping – ClickZ
  4. Get in on the social shopping craze – iMediaConnection.com
  5. Social Shopping & Traffic/Ranking – Search Engine Optimization Forum – SEO Refugee

Next time I will bring you the resources corresponding to the latter 5 non-Google SEO methods I mentioned in my earlier article: Shopping search engines, review sites, local sites and local search, niche communities.

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