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5 Yahoo! Search Marketing Panama Tips

5 Yahoo! Search Marketing Panama Tips


By Kevin Gibbons / February 4, 2007

Yahoo! are upgrading U.S. accounts to Panama tomorrow and the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog have posted 5 best practices to make sure users are ready for the new ranking model.

“Here are five practices that you, if you have upgraded to the new platform, should put in place right away in order to get the most out of the new ranking model, and out of your account:

1. Include keywords in your ad (use our Insert Keyword feature).
2. Carefully determine keywords for your ad group.
3. Use ad testing to learn which messages are performing best for you, based on click-through rate normalized for position
4. Use our Excluded Keyword feature to help optimize your Advanced match type.
5. Review your current bids and set a campaign budget to meet your business goals.”

Panama will not be available until later this year in the UK, so far I have only seen screenshots of the new interface but I do manage a couple of American Yahoo! Search Marketing clients so I’m looking forward to seeing the new system in action!

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