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  • 50 Tips & Takeaways from BlueGlass LA

    Last week I got the chance to attend the latest BlueGlass conference in LA. I’ve got to admit, when heading out to the US I had high expectations for this event having heard a lot of buzz around previous conferences they’ve held and you might have seen my interview with Chris Winfield ahead of the event. But I’d have to say, they exceeded expectations way beyond what I ever expected!

    This was quite easily the best search event I have ever attended (and there’s been quite a few now!), the sessions were packed full of great content – once you’ve been to a lot of conferences you find yourself skipping quite a few sessions, but this conference was the exception – and every session was full to the back of the room! But as is normally the way, the highlight was the networking – you really could just sell tickets for “an audience with Greg Boser” show! Getting the chance to meet everyone before the event at Mike’s SEO BBQ was a great way to kick-off the conference – and the intimate feel of the event by having a limited number of 125 attendees and all staying at the amazing Standard Hotel in Downtown LA with a free bar and rooftop party is always an appreciated nice touch!

    Anyway getting into the content, I’ve organised my tweets and notes so that hopefully you can pickup a couple of useful tips even if you weren’t able to attend the event:


    • A writer who has the biggest reach is who @GregBoser recommends hiring. This person can influence people in search result …
    • Start removing title tags and see how Google rewrites them. Let Google give you hints on what they think is best. @Gregboser
    • Great tip from @GregBoser 450 character descriptions give #SEO experts more control over SERP descriptions

    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    • Use descriptive words on buttons – ‘create a gift’, not ‘buy now’ @hnshah
    • Design for conversions tips; CROToolkit, lightbox promotions, cross-promo ad banners, promote top posts @hnshah
    • Stick to basics on Twitter, share great, relevant & interesting content. @KISSmetrics grown to 88,000 followers @hnshah
    • Use aweber & WordPress for drip email marketing on blogs @hnshah
    • CRO tools; whichtestwon.com, usertesting.com, 99designs.com for landing pages, visualwebsiteoptimizer.com @hnshah
    • Great CRO landing page examples; RipFire, DollarShaveClub @jasonnazar
    • Can also have social proof on purchase page…’verified by’, better business bureau, etc.@jasonnazar
    • Use social proof CRO – client logos (e.g. visualwebsiteoptimizer.com), as seen on, customer testimonials @jasonnazar
    • Call-to-action; size, colour & text biggest CRO quick win. Dark forest green button converts well – agree, green means go!  @jasonnazar
    • Single biggest CRO tip; headline most important text on page – not call-to-action or on-page text. Great example; Square @jasonnazar

    On-Site SEO

    • Evaluate those low performing pages. Good reminder to either optimize them, or 301 to higher value sections. @alanbleiweiss
    • Are your highest visited/stickiest pages converting? A/B test your call-to-action & content wording. @alanbleiweiss
    • In Page Analytics in GA recommended by @alanbleiweiss to determine phrases people find relevant, based on internal CTRs
    • 400% increase in organic visits shown by @alanbleiweiss as example of why you don’t need to look at granular kw level
    • Smart bet is keyword data could go completely & not provided to =100% – interesting prediction by @alanbleiweiss
    • ‘SEO is organic ad writing’ great quote by @aimclear
    • @aimclear As far as KWs go, (not set) means the URL, GATC , or AdWords wasn’t set up correctly.
    • ‘Within analytics work on the short-tail first because it helps you understand the long-tail.’ @aimclear
    • GA not provided tip; segment landing page data by keyword & map to GWT to compare no of kw visits @aimclear
    • @alanbleiweiss: So many finally validating what i was advocating last spring abt schema as the 2012 big opportunity in SEO

    Link Building

    • Buy traditional advertising then use that relationship to get free editorial links that last forever. @RavenJon
    • Build private lists & set auto reminders to interact w/ people you want to connect w/ on Twitter @RavenJon
    • Position yourself or your client as an expert source. Recommends @helpareporter to help them find you @RavenJon
    • FullContact, BuzzStream & Tout recommended by @RavenJon to find contact details & manage relationships
    • Great answer from @jamies to my question; how do you value how much a link is worth? Measure attention & traffic it generates
    • @jamies Is tearing up , fantastic realtime ideas, highlighting TheVerge CMS, also likes AtlanticWire
    • Great tip by @jamies: Google Analytics Query Explorer can be used to map traffic alongside links in @seomoz

    Content Marketing / Infographics

    • Infographic tips; work with a great publishing partner, capitalise on previous success & tap proven ideas @danieltynski
    • Serve needs of business & potential customers, once you’ve targeted audience, by creating remarkable content @danieltynski
    • Build a content team: Community Mgr, Content Strategist, Moderators, Guest Authors, Video Producers, Graphic Designers
    • 43% of online news is shared via social networks, 27% of ppl who share are frequent sharers & responsible for 87% of shares

    Blogging / Cultivating Visibility

    • Email marketing tips from @chrisbrogan Brevity – 250 words max, don’t start with view in browser, don’t use dontreply@ address
    • Nice tip from @copyblogger @chrisbrogan unsubscribe your annoying email subscribers, e.g. grammar nazi’s who always reply!
    • Plain text emais have better delivery rates, take people to landing pages, healthy ratio of value vs promotion @copyblogger
    • ‘We don’t buy lists, we build audiences.’ ~Brian Clark @copyblogger
    • ‘never invest in the carpet, invest in the people who are walking on it!’ @chrisbrogan
    •  ‘Don’t be an artist. Be a business person who makes art.’ – @chrisbrogan
    • There’s so many bloggers out there, but lack of real quality in most niches – still lots of big opportunities @copyblogger
    • Thanks for the @copyblogger 10 landing page commandments @JasonNazar


    • Understand WP version numbers: .1 is a major release, .2 is a security update @yoast

    Trusted Recommendations & New PR

    • ‘always take your work seriously, don’t take yourself seriously’ great advice from @soniasimone
    • Best pitches in the world are 7 words that describe exactly what you’re pitching @petershankman
    • We tend to think more ass in chair time produces more. Take breaks. @soniasimone
    • I never write unless I’ve just gotten a workout in. Working out spawns creativity. @petershankman
    • Don’t just sent out press releases, have conversations @soniasimone
    • ‘if you’re not making money from it, you’re doing it wrong’ on PR @petershankman
    • ‘Personal recommendation is the new PR’ – absolutely true! @misswetapatel

    There’s also been some great write-ups on the sessions, checkout the BlueGlass blog where Kelsey Libert did a great job on covering the key points from each. And if anyone else has tips to add or questions – please feel free to do so in the comments and I’ll keep an eye on these.


    13 Responses to “50 Tips & Takeaways from BlueGlass LA”

    1. Love this! Thanks so much for the great recap and for making the trip over – it was awesome to finally meet you :)

    2. Great recap Kevin! May i translate it to italian and link back to the original ? :)

    3. Hey Chris – not a problem, was great to finally meet you too! Hopefully see you in Florida at the next one :)

      Andrea, yes of course – sounds like a great idea. Really good to meet you last week too!

    4. Greg Boser says:

      Excellent roundup. It was great to get to meet you in person. I’m looking forward to seeing you again in Tampa! :)

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    6. Thanks Greg – great to meet you too. We need to get you over for an event here, the UK wouldn’t know what’s hit it! ;-)

    7. Kevin – you beat me to it =(

      I had this post all laid out in my head and you beat me to the publish. LOL

      It was so awesome hanging with you and the rest of the folks at #BlueGlassLA , we should all do this again in Tempa!!!!

    8. Geez! If I’d know this was coming…I wouldn’t have had to take notes! :0) Thx Kev for the great rap up!

      Amy Parmenter
      The ParmFarm.com

    9. I didn’t get to be there and so appreciate the nuggets. I could retweet many of these gold mines all day long! Best to simply put them into practice… ;-)

    10. Wow. Thanks for the summary – awesome stuff for someone in a small company like me! Free research is always welcome.

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    12. This is such an informative post. I’m thankful that you laid out your notes in such an easy to read format. I’ve heard that BlueGlass is the cream of the crop when it comes to SEO conferences, but it seems, that from your notes, they covered much more than that.

      I especially appreciate the quote about being an artist. As a songwriter, I wanted to create a life changing blog experience for fans of my music, but without a great business plan, my blog has fallen short. I am just now taking the time to start over, build the correct audience, and cater my blog to their needs/desires.

      Thanks again for your input!

    13. kevin cook says:

      terrific post altogether. lots of good info. although some seo tactics were informative but experimental in nature, no harm in trying them. there is no end to ways you can seo your website. some examples have been provided here. good info once again.

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