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  • 6 Reasons Why Link Building Is So Hard

    Link building is probably the hardest task a marketing consultant faces when they sign up a conventional business as a client. Here are the reasons why:

    Reputation – unless the company has the best reputation in their niche it will be hard to attract links. Most “free” links are given to the best companies and its a hard task for a company to take the top spot in the reputation stakes

    Stigma – any conventional website with half an idea about how search engines work probably knows that getting links is important. For this reason they are also likely to be wary of linking to other sites. The “Why should I give them a link?” attitude is prevalent and isn’t going anywhere soon.

    Time lag – even if you succeed in persuading a site to link to you the likelihood of your contact being the actual person responsible for updating the site is slim. Often decisions have to be made through meetings and are passed to the web design company for action. Most of the time the answer is that a link will be added “at the next redesign” which never seems to arrive.

    Opportunities – every niche has a limited number of link targets. When you take away dead sites and competitors this list shrinks significantly.

    Static sites – bloggers link out to interesting content and new sites every day. The majority of normal websites are static 5 page brochures without anywhere to legitimately link to something new.

    Understanding – the simple fact is that most of the company director generation don’t understand how the internet works. They think that websites should be closed door affairs and that linking to other sites is a bad idea unless its from a links page. As bloggers we know the relationship building importance of linking out but business owners are usually quite short sighted in this respect.

    This might seem like a negative post but it just serves to highlight how valuable good quality linkbuilding consultants really are.

    These valuable consultants are not people who can buy links and submit to directories but people who can identify viable link targets and then work to leverage existing contacts and business relationships, high quality customer service and advertising deals to gain natural citations from the target sites.

    In fact, these people are probably not link building consultants at all but existing members of your own team.


    39 Responses to “6 Reasons Why Link Building Is So Hard”

    1. Michael says:

      Not a negative post at all. In fact, dead on with the topic of niche markets. For those, gotta get creative.

    2. John says:

      This post by Michael Martinez changed my outlook forever on ranking through external linking.
      I thought I would share it with you.

    3. simondance says:

      100% agree with your comments, and with numerous site demanding reciprocation it gets ever more difficult to find those true one way links.

      But it’s like my friend tony used to say, “invest in good and regular content and you wont need to go far to get a link”..

      Wise words.


    4. Darren McLaughlin says:

      Where there’s a will there’s a way. It might not be easy, but it’s always possible.

    5. 43 says:

      Great post…but or which SEO consulting would you recommend. Especially one that will not just rob people or cost thousands?

    6. mcrilf says:

      of course, web2 kinda makes it easier in a way since there are so many ways of getting links to your site out there on other sites…but harder in others since it’s easy to look like a spammer when trying to build links in this way

    7. -Tom from create a website says:

      A great post seems very true. It really is difficult to get links

    8. [...] David Eaves posted a comment yesterday pointing out how hard it is to build links to certain types of ecommerce and especially FSA regulated insurance sites. Building natural links [...]

    9. Website SEO says:

      Its so easy to fall into a lazy routine in relation to building links, where the mind is 1 dimensional & you dont give that little bit of extra effort to attain a higher standard of natural links,

    10. This is true, that web linking can be difficult. One of the best ways to build links is offer good content and people will naturally link to you.

    11. It seems just from the previous posts here that people are already realising that content is king.

    12. Shrenik Vora says:

      Thats true, Link building is hard and Tiring process, but there are people out there in the market, who provide good quality link building service with good content writing. Cause if one needs a good PR, then Link building and good content writing is important…
      what are you review about the same.

    13. SEO Leeds says:

      Your post brings to reality and the difficulty in getting good links. Once you understand the issues, only than you can move ahead with a strategy that works and help your SEO long term.

    14. poppyseo says:

      I love this website it has a lot of good info for us all to take on, keep up the good work guys

    15. dhurowitz says:

      Building links is like building a business, you can not go after the largest clients on day one, nor can you attract the highest PR links. But after time and after many PR1 PR3 andPR3 links have been established one can begin to set their site a little higher and soon PR4 and PR5 links are in the mix. After that good luck, as you will most likely need to be published in order to acquire a higher link.

    16. Woodland Teak says:

      Good advice, thank you. We’ve just launched our site and are starting our link building campaign.

    17. limo hire says:

      Writing good content is paramount. You will achieve far more natural links this way. Less good content should be used for article submission to help get some free one-way links.

    18. Great advice. I sometimes get so bored and worn out I stop link building. Coming up with fresh ways and building very niche related links makes it fun.

    19. i have been link building for over a year now and the results are not that great. can anyone recomend me any new ways.

    20. Tanvir says:

      It is difficult if you are wanting to persue people who has to go to their web designer to update the site which obviously costs money.

    21. i have tried everything to increase my website, but paid links are the only way fast.

    22. Fast-Free says:

      Often times, people ask me for the link swaps. The only reason I would decline is if it’s totally off topic.

    23. SEO company says:

      Link Building is one of the most time consuming, boring task in SEO but it is also one of the most effective when you want to achieve better ranking.

    24. SEO Experts says:

      Well Said! Link building is not the best job to have. I do some of the link building for the company I work for, and I have quickly realised that the better the link the harder or more exxpensive it is.

    25. we get many companies contacting us via our website, asking for recipricol links. I am however quite dubious because many of them are based in India. Although they often have page rank 5 or 6.

    26. Many thanks for this article. Quality links are hard to find!

    27. I would like to advise people to be very careful in just purchasing 1000′s of back links to their website from so called link sellers. Make sure you use a qualified seo agency. Yes more links to your website is good, BUT these links need to be from quality websites with relevant content and good Page Ranks.

    28. Gill says:

      I have found careful selection from quality sites has helped but some are difficult to detect!

    29. Adam says:

      Great article. Can you checkout my free website when you get a chance?

    30. web design says:

      Link building is’nt the easiest job in the world. IT’s not a case of just submitting your site to online directories. I do some of the link building for the company I work for, and I have quickly realised that the better the link the harder it is to get.

    31. Link Building says:

      All that glitters is not gold, the same rule applies to link building. Link Building is a time consuming effort where you build a neighborhood of links based on theme and value and not anything that comes your way.

    32. Alice says:

      Agree with your point!If you’re approaching to request a link exchange make sure you’ve done your homework and understand not only their website business but also the benefit of linking to you. Present it so they understand what’s in it for them. This is accomplished by understanding your target audience and their requirements.

    33. 123EZ says:

      “Content Is King” – “Content IS SEO”

    34. Thanks for this article. I agree link building is really tough process.

    35. Mathew says:

      AS someone said above the most important thing on the page has to be the content.

    36. Limo hire says:

      I agree link building is the key to success.

    37. seo company says:

      Link building is not hard…..just need consistent efforts…2-3 links daily would be enough!!

    38. SEOcompany says:

      Link building is straightforward – we are less concerned about the link building techniques used than we are about the intentions behind the effort. That said, techniques used are often quite revealing of intent.

    39. Matrimony says:

      I don’t believe building links are hard, the hard part is patience. The most important part before starting a link building routine is knowing how search engines work and respond. Know the keywords you want to build upon and then start.

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