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6 Reasons Why Link Building Is So Hard

6 Reasons Why Link Building Is So Hard


By Patrick Altoft / September 10, 2007

Link building is probably the hardest task a marketing consultant faces when they sign up a conventional business as a client. Here are the reasons why:

Reputation – unless the company has the best reputation in their niche it will be hard to attract links. Most “free” links are given to the best companies and its a hard task for a company to take the top spot in the reputation stakes

Stigma – any conventional website with half an idea about how search engines work probably knows that getting links is important. For this reason they are also likely to be wary of linking to other sites. The “Why should I give them a link?” attitude is prevalent and isn’t going anywhere soon.

Time lag – even if you succeed in persuading a site to link to you the likelihood of your contact being the actual person responsible for updating the site is slim. Often decisions have to be made through meetings and are passed to the web design company for action. Most of the time the answer is that a link will be added “at the next redesign” which never seems to arrive.

Opportunities – every niche has a limited number of link targets. When you take away dead sites and competitors this list shrinks significantly.

Static sites – bloggers link out to interesting content and new sites every day. The majority of normal websites are static 5 page brochures without anywhere to legitimately link to something new.

Understanding – the simple fact is that most of the company director generation don’t understand how the internet works. They think that websites should be closed door affairs and that linking to other sites is a bad idea unless its from a links page. As bloggers we know the relationship building importance of linking out but business owners are usually quite short sighted in this respect.

This might seem like a negative post but it just serves to highlight how valuable good quality linkbuilding consultants really are.

These valuable consultants are not people who can buy links and submit to directories but people who can identify viable link targets and then work to leverage existing contacts and business relationships, high quality customer service and advertising deals to gain natural citations from the target sites.

In fact, these people are probably not link building consultants at all but existing members of your own team.

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