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74% online Brits visited Google this week

74% online Brits visited Google this week


By Stuart Tofts / July 7, 2008

Almost three-quarters of internet users accessed Google in the last seven days, according to a new report.

Research released by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising reveals the search engine is the most popular property on the web, among Brits – followed by the BBC’s website and eBay.

Furthermore, those people are online to shop, with half of all users listing buying goods and services as one of the main reasons they access the internet.

Its study revealed 73 per cent of all adults now have the ability to connect to the web, mainly at home (63 per cent) but also through work (38 per cent).

For me, the most exciting part of the research was into just how much time the average Joe and Jo spends online.

It showed that in one week, the bog-standard average person spends a massive seven per cent of their waking life using the internet, rising to ten per cent in homes with access.

That, according to the report, compares to three per cent of time spent reading print, such as newspapers and magazines.

Why would anyone spend the bulk of their marketing pennies on advertising through print? The internet is cheaper, it is more effective, it allows for more targeted marketing and it is where the consumers are.

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