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    Here at SEOptimise, we know it can be hard to persuade some bosses you need online marketing. Sometimes they do not use the internet, or simply do not want to allocate the cash – perhaps because they do not believe in the returns which are possible with a decent search engine optimisation campaign. To save you time, we have prepared the below letter. Simply edit and print!

    Dear [insert boss's name here],

    I hope you are well. It was lovely seeing you and your [wife/husband/new wife/new husband/children/dog] at the recent company [picnic/drinks night/your boss is a tight-fisted git, please delete the entire sentence].

    It has come to my attention that, far from being a passing craze, the internet has become a rather important tool for businesses. While I appreciate you once said the web is a [fad/wasteful pit of porn and vice/thing spiders live in], I was wondering if we could please have an online marketing budget.

    There are a number of reasons for my request. One is that more people than ever are using the internet, as demonstrated by the recent research published by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. The average adult spends 1.07 hours a day on the internet. [NB For some bosses, you may have to print out this and the following pieces of evidence out. Put them in a nice shiny clear-fronted folders, that always adds gravitas]

    Furthermore, the internet is a great place to market to people. A recent study issued by the Internet Advertising Bureau found the internet drives 40 per cent of brand engagement, more than the press and television.

    Importantly, when the consumers are online, they are using search engines to navigate the web. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! (I know that Yahoo! advert with the big claw print confused you, but it really is a place on the internet). Google is the most commonly-used portal, achieving 87 per cent of the searches in the UK in May, according to Hitwise. ComScore analysis suggested Google properties accounted for 74.2 per cent of all searches. Whichever is right, that is a lot of people using Google a lot.

    To conclude, the internet is not the marketing tool of tomorrow, it is the tool of the moment, the tool our competitors are using and a tool we need to exploit.

    Yours sincerely,
    [Insert name here]


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