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  • Add SEOptimise to Technorati favourites

    I’ve just noticed my Technorati favourited by figures have jumped quite a bit recently, it’s upto 64 members now but the last time I checked it was 2, and one of them was me!

    100 members would be a good target to get, if you’d like to add SEOptimise to your Technorati favourites please click the button below. And while your at it why not subscribe to the RSS feed, connect to my LinkedIn profile and join the MyBlogLog community and Blog Catalog neighbourhood too :)

    Update: The large increase in favourites has come from this evil, lazy or smart plan, cheers Andy!


    2 Responses to “Add SEOptimise to Technorati favourites”

    1. Lars Koudal says:

      Alright, I’ve faved you (you might want to read up on http://www.favorite.me.uk/, which could help your numbers jump as well. They have for me! :-)

      I’m already on your RSS feed, as I like the stuff you write, and I sent you a linkdin-request. We happen to share a common contact. You should perhaps be aware, that unless people know someone in your network, it will not be possible to add you unless they have your e-mail that you have registered with Linkedin.

    2. Kev says:

      Thanks Lars, glad you like the blog.

      You should be able to add as friend now instead on LinkedIn instead of entering an email address.

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