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  • AdWords detailed budget analysis update in 15 days!

    While checking Google’s recommended daily budget for my AdWords account today I noticed a message saying that a new, more detailed budget recommendation will be available in 15 days.

    Clicking the question mark shows an updated version of the How does Google come up with a recommended daily budget? AdWords help page, showing how the recommendation will show either a detailed budget analysis or basic recommendation:

    • “Detailed budget analysis: When possible, we will analyse and display the percentage increase in clicks that you would be eligible to receive with an increased budget. We make this detailed analysis based on your campaign performance data over time, so it is only available when you have not altered your campaign within the last two weeks.
    • Basic recommendation: In many cases, we will supply a budget recommendation based on historical data for the same or similar keywords as yours. The basic recommendation considers variations in language and location, but it does not consider traffic you might receive from the content network.”

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