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  • AdWords dynamic keyword insertion error

    While searching for www.amazon.com I came across an ebay affiliate AdWords ad containing www.amazon.com in it’s title which is repeated twice in the ad text.

    www.amazon.com is a trademarked term and not available to use, as highlighted by the normal error message when trying to use this within your ad text:
    “Due to trademark reasons, we do not allow advertisers to use ‘www.amazon.com’ in their Google AdWords ads. This term may be trademarked either for a certain product or service category and may apply only in certain countries.”

    The eBay ad is being displayed by using AdWords dynamic keyword insertion which is obviously not checking for the use of trademarked terms.


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    1. How www.microsoft.co.uk Could Make Millions on Google UK! | SEOptimise says:

      [...] within the ad title or description, this seems to be appearing because the ad’s are using dynamic keyword insertion to get around the Google AdWords trademark policy but if Microsoft aren’t even bidding on the keywords themselves they’re less likely to [...]

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