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  • Google Quality Score Transparency Great for Advertisers

    I was doing some keyword maintenance today and noticed something new when I hovered over the magnifying glass tool beside a keyword:

    It looks like Google are being more explicit with their quality scores. I haven’t noticed this before but rather than being an accidental leak this time it’s been integrated into Google’s changes to make quality score more transparent.

    I’m not sure how much this will change advertiser behaviour. Perhaps knowing that a keyword is nearly “Ok” will encourage people to optimise their landing pages and ad descriptions further, rather than just pausing.

    More information is also given for keywords with poor quality scores:

    In this case we are told that no ad will be run on broad match, but that the ad can be triggered on a phrase match.

    How will this new information affect the way you run your AdWords campaigns?


    3 Responses to “Google Quality Score Transparency Great for Advertisers”

    1. Vygantas says:

      Not sure if this is a new thing, created new campaign ~4-5 days ago and this one was already there.

    2. Please add your site here says:

      Off topic but when is the next gpr update?

    3. Fast-Free says:

      What in the world is a quality score?

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