Are Google set for Australia channel Ten TV bid? -

Are Google set for Australia channel Ten TV bid?

Are Google set for Australia channel Ten TV bid?


By Kevin Gibbons / March 15, 2007

This is pure speculation but CanWest are currently considering offers for their 56.4% stake in Australian TV company Ten, is it possible that Google could be ready to make a bid?

I’m the first to admit I know nothing about these sort of things and probably should leave this to sites like Techcrunch who actually know what their talking about, but this kind of makes sense to me. In Australia the other two top television networks Channel 7 and Channel 9 have partnerships with Yahoo! and Microsoft to form Nine MSN and Yahoo!7 and with TV advertising seemingly high on Google’s list of priorities at the moment maybe I’m not just speaking rubbish, although there is a good chance! :)

In December Google agreed a broadband and TV ads deal with BSkyB (Robert Murdoch is also rumoured to be keen on a channel Ten bid), here are some details of the agreement from The Guardian:
“Under the BSkyB deal, Google will be able to move into TV advertising. Google is looking to use information about viewing habits, which can be obtained through the broadcaster’s set-top boxes, to produce more targeted TV advertising. Eventually, marketing experts could tailor campaigns to specific viewers, even storing adverts on the set-top box itself.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Google are looking to continue forming partnerships with television companies, maybe ITV will be next considering that Google are now the UK’s 2nd biggest ad earner, anyway back to the search stuff now!

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