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  • Are Asda, Tesco & Sainsburys Missing an SEO Opportunity?

    Earlier today I wrote a blog post over on e-consultancy which looks at how UK supermarkets are ignoring SEO for major keywords, most notably “supermarket”.

    In my opinion this is a massive oversight and it appears that the leading supermarket retailers such as Asda, Sainsburys and to a certain extent Tesco are trying to overprotect their brand rather than optimise their website’s for very important keywords.

    As outlined in the article, I’m not suggesting that they keyword stuff their h1 and title tags etc. But by emphasising terms such as “supermarket” they are clearly describing the website to users/customers and helping to generate very valuable targeted search engine traffic.

    What do you think, are the supermarkets missing a trick when it comes to SEO?


    4 Responses to “Are Asda, Tesco & Sainsburys Missing an SEO Opportunity?”

    1. supaswag says:

      the big supermarkets are arrogant & stupid. i knew it before, we all know it now. they probably think that SEO stands for: Shovelling Enough money Online anyway.

    2. Please add your site here says:

      I work in recruitment and retail is still flying even though the credit crunch is here, top retails still have millions to throw at refurbs

    3. ady berry says:

      Sainsburys is spelled wrong in the title. To be honest how many searchers don’t already know the major UK brands and would actually search for tesco, asda or sainsburys rather than the generic term “supermarket”? Maybe a geographical search for “supermarket(location)” but other than that I would imagine that most searches are exclusively by brand.

    4. Thanks for the comment Ady, I just left this over on the e-consultancy post but think it’s relevant here too:

      “I agree with the comments, it makes perfect sense to me that you already know which supermarket you prefer and would search for the brand name.

      But the figures show that 1.5 million people performed supermarket related searches in the UK last month, I don’t doubt there’s far more valuable keywords they could be ranking for, such as “grocery shopping home delivery”, individual product names etc. But if you could easily generate thousands of extra free visits to a website, by optimising for a relevant term, I would consider that a great branding opportunity – even if it doesn’t convert into direct sales successfully.”

      Thanks for spotting the typo ;)

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