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Alexandra is a Digital Specialist with a strong interest in usability and CRO. She studied Hispanic & Portuguese Studies at the University of Sheffield, and has worked in various digital roles across the travel and charity sector since 2009. She joined in November 2012. She holds the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and is Google Adwords & Bing Ads Certified. She enjoys travelling to far-flung places, tennis, being northern, Scandinavian crime drama, bees, honey and camping.
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Alexandra Johnson / June 17, 2015
This blog post supersedes the original version which was published by Daniel Bianchini in July 2011 under the title 'Google Webmaster Tools: A Beginner's guide to Installation'. [...]
Alexandra Johnson / May 14, 2015
Online designer clothing retail behemoth Net-a-Porter, not content with 6 million unique visits a month to its desktop site, yesterday launched its new app, the Net Set. Having been impressed with their content strategy in the past year, which included the expansion of its online magazine and the creation of a dedicated print [...]
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