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Alexandra is a Digital Specialist with a strong interest in usability and CRO. She studied Hispanic & Portuguese Studies at the University of Sheffield, and has worked in various digital roles across the travel and charity sector since 2009. She joined in November 2012. She holds the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and is Google Adwords & Bing Ads Certified. She enjoys travelling to far-flung places, tennis, being northern, Scandinavian crime drama, bees, and camping.
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Alexandra Johnson / February 27, 2015
Yesterday, Google announced via the Webmaster Central blog that, from 21st April 2015, mobile ranking signals will have a 'significant' impact on search results. These ranking signals will only affect mobile searches and will be used across all languages. [...]
Alexandra Johnson / September 29, 2014
We've known for some time now that the hard-sell doesn't really work online. So what strategies are brands in 2014 using to urge browsers to buy online? [...]
Alexandra Johnson / September 9, 2014
It's been an busy summer here at We've been busy talking to new companies, launching new client websites, speaking at industry events, and even barbecuing. [...]
Alexandra Johnson / August 7, 2014
We all know its easy to sell chocolates in a supermarket or corner shop to those shopping and influenced by their current state of hunger and desire for a sweet something. But is it more difficult to capture these customers online?  Sure, you can still have those hunger pangs and need for a slab of chocolate when you sit in front of your computer, but does that translate to making an online purchase, or does it just make you head for the nearest vending machine? [...]
Alexandra Johnson / July 2, 2014
With cycling successes in both the Tour de France and the Olympics in recent years receiving massive coverage, it comes as no surprise that the UK should revel in the opportunity to celebrate the 2014 edition of the Tour de France, starting in Yorkshire. As someone who only really got into watching the Tour last year, I'm interested to see how brands in the Yorkshire area are using Le Tour to their advantage. [...]
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