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Marcus Taylor / September 23, 2011
For those of you who missed the Livestream of yesterday's F8 Facebook Conference, CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced some major changes to the future of Facebook, which in a nutshell is to try and realise his vision of making the whole web social. Within Facebook, the focus is shifting from 'what you say' to 'what you do'. Here are some of the major changes announced: [...]
Marcus Taylor / September 16, 2011
I’m always looking for ways to improve our social media audits at SEOptimise to make them more insightful and actionable. While there is no perfect way to approach writing a social media audit, here are some ideas on what I think are important things to consider when writing a social media audit. [...]
Marcus Taylor / August 22, 2011
Several months ago I ran some tests on the impact of Facebook Likes on Google Rankings. After receiving several e-mails and tweets asking whether Google +1s have any impact on rankings, I decided to run some similar experiments in order to give a more conclusive answer. [...]
Marcus Taylor / June 21, 2011
In the latest video blog from SEOptimise, Marcus Taylor and Dan Bianchini take us through how to use social media to create topical content for SEO benefit. They cover how to find the latest trends, how to write the content and finally how to promote it to get publicity and links. [...]
Marcus Taylor / May 23, 2011
Last week at SMX London I presented the results from several experiments I've been running over the months on how important Facebook likes are for search. For a full write-up and explanation of my presentation you can read my blog post on State of Search, or if you'd just like to have a look through my presentation, here it is! [...]