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Rachel McCombie / September 25, 2013
We’re going through the process of rebuilding our website just now, with the launch scheduled soon. My part in this process has been to completely rewrite our copy, which is an exercise I’ve been through with several clients recently as well. I wrote the current SEOptimise website copy back in 2011. Two years ago doesn’t seem very long, but it’s abundantly clear from reading the existing copy that we’ve come a long way since it was written, and that I’ve come a long way as a copywriter since then too – my writing has matured significantly as I’ve worked on so many different clients and picked up new copywriting [...]
Rachel McCombie / August 21, 2013
Along with blogging, a well-run news section is a great way of ensuring that a steady stream of new content is added to your website, bringing additional traffic to your site and giving the search engines plenty to crawl. It also shows you to be a source of relevant knowledge, demonstrating your expertise and interest in the area, making it a great way to enhance your brand. The principle is similar to retailers who produce their own free magazines (such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Boots) – it’s adding value to their customers, while subtly promoting them as a business. [...]
Rachel McCombie / July 24, 2013
Part one of my gigantic list of content ideas seemed to go down well, so here’s the second half – 25 more! If you missed the first part, you can find it here. [...]
Rachel McCombie / July 17, 2013
In the first half of a two-part series, today I’m going to be looking at some content ideas that you may want to include in your content strategy. I know there are a fair few posts already out there that offer content ideas, so my version will also offer some concrete examples of each content type done well. Here’s part one, in no particular order apart from the first one – part two to follow next week with another 25 ideas (so don’t worry if you think there are any major ideas missing!)… [...]
Rachel McCombie / June 19, 2013
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